October 11, 2017

Will Amazon FINALLY accept Bitcoin in 2018?

Forbes magazine’s digital currency specialist Roger Aitken investigates if and when Amazon will accept crypto currencies
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FTSE100 Stock sheet August 24, 2017

Is the Last Post sounding for Royal Mail’s FTSE100 membership?

The Royal Mail could lose its coveted FTSE 100 place in the next planned FTSE shake up, due on 30 August.
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Amazon could soon have a bank in its back pocket says ParcelHero August 18, 2017

Is Amazon About to Burst Banks?

Could we soon be opening an Amazon bank account and getting loans and mortgages from the e-commerce giant?
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Flipshop announcement July 17, 2017

Can You Win a Year’s Worth of Free Shipping?

We are giving some of Britain's best online sellers the chance to prove they are the best. How much money can they turn £20 into?
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June 23, 2017

Top 5 Craziest Parcel Drop Off Locations in The World

Find out the craziest parcel drop off locations in the world today. From Antarctica to Norway; learn how and why they make our illustrious list
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hardest place to deliver to June 19, 2017

These are some of the hardest places to deliver to

We pride ourselves on cheaply delivering parcels all over the world, you can book a parcel delivery to over 220 countries all over the world. The list below contains some of the hardest locations in the world for getting your packages delivered to. 
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Brexit Britain ruins UK festivals JazzFM May 11, 2017

ParcelHero Tells Jazz FM Britain Will Pay Price For Inharmonious Brexit

Jazz blues and soul connoisseurs Jazz FM have interviewed ParcelHero‘s Consumer Research expert David Jinks over how Brexit will affect the UK festival scene…

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Parcel Monkey Delivery Fail May 09, 2017

Don’t Monkey Around With These 9 Delivery Fails

When it comes to shipping parcels, some are better than others. At ParcelHero, we use only the finest couriers to ensure that your goods arrive safely and on time. Unfor…

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Man Wondering what happened to his luggage after a flight May 02, 2017

What Happens to Your Luggage After Check In?

Door to door luggage delivery; it may sound too good to be true, but in a world connected by flights, losing luggage should be a thing of the past. At ParcelHero, we have had to ship countless items around the world, and it may surprise you to learn that it is not rare to find suitcases on our waybills.
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March 08, 2017

The 2017 Budget – A Final Blow to the High Street as we Know it?

The government’s annual budget has been announced, but what sort of future does it spell out for the people of Britain? For some High Street retailers the progno…

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#PHWinterWorkshop charity boxes February 03, 2017

#PHWinterWorkshop is Almost Over

The time has come to bid farewell to ParcelHero’s #PHWinterWorkshop charity auction. The last of our boxes have been listed on eBay and are available to bid on right n…

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January 16, 2017

2030: Dead End for the High Street

ParcelHero Industry Report: 2030: The Death of the High Street

The death of the High Street as we know it may be far nearer than people think. By 2030, just 14 years’ t…

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