A Closer Look at Some of #PHWinterWorkshop’s Gift Boxes – Part II

Last year ParcelHero raised almost £1,000 for charity, this year we intend to raise £1,500 for Great Ormond Street Hospital. To hit this target, we sent artists all around the world a blank wooden box and asked them to cover the box with their designs and place a little something inside. We are now auctioning off those boxes so we can help G.O.S.H out this winter.


Little Miss Delicious Box

A handmade wooden box created by Maxine Johnston of Little Miss Delicious in partnership with ParcelHero’s Winter Workshop.

This box is a one of a kind creation from Maxine Johnston of Little Miss Delicious, featuring cupcakes, ice creams and plenty of frosting! It’s the perfect gift

Little Miss Delicious is an online jewellery store that specialises in tasty treat inspired handmade clay jewellery. Every item is handmade, and this box is inspired by and features many of the designs that have been created over the last seven years.


Serenity You Charity BoxA unique advent treat, this box has been designed and created by Natasha of Serenity You as part of ParcelHero’s Winter Workshop.

A lovely treat for someone special or the perfect gift to celebrate the holiday season, this unique advent box has been handcrafted by Natasha of Serenity You to be the perfect gift to keep under your (button) tree.

Serenity You is a fabulous blog full of crafting, parenting and lifestyle advice based in the UK. And with so many tips and tricks to draw from, it’s no surprise that this unique box, which was custom made for ParcelHero’s Winter Workshop, has turned out so gorgeously. With a delightfully festive design and a belly full of golden stars, this is the perfect complement to the Christmas season.


Kestrel Makes Sewing BoxSomething special for the avid sewer in your life, or a surprise for someone thinking about learning, this box has been designed and created by Kerry of Kestrel Makes as part of ParcelHero’s Winter Workshop.

With more than half a decade of sewing – and blogging about it – Kestrel Makes’ Kerry knows just what the perfect sewing kit has to offer. That’s why, as part of ParcelHero’s Winter Workshop, Kerry hasn’t just handcrafted a gorgeous box, but filled it up with all the parts you need to start up your sewing journey, or just top up your current set up.

Kestrel Makes is a blog chock full of sewing, knitting and crafting information. Based in Glasgow, Kelly helps you find the perfect place to pick up fabric, yarn and everything else you need to start creating the gorgeous projects that you can find on her site. With all the great info on her site, you just know that her box, custom made for ParcelHero’s Winter Workshop, is going to be full of lovely treats.


Samantha Makes BoxThe perfect gift for someone special or just something fun to sit under the tree, this handmade box by Samantha of Create it Samantha is the perfect way to start off you Christmas shopping – with all proceeds of the sale going to Great Ormond Street Hospital.

With years of experience in designing and crafting beautiful and practical projects, Samantha has created an exclusively handmade Advent box for ParcelHero’s Winter Workshop. Combining fragrance and paint marbling, this is the perfect present to find beneath the tree this Christmas. It’s unique too – the box is completely one of a kind, made specifically for ParcelHero.

Create it Samantha is where all of Samantha’s projects call home – with hundreds of projects that are designed to take a just a few hours out of a busy day, it’s ideal for anyone and everyone with an interest in crafting. And considering Samantha’s pedigree, it’s no surprise that this box has turned out to be so lovely.



Fiona Rhienberg box

This lovely box has been designed and created by Fiona Rheinberg of Fizzy~Jane Makes. Fiona describes how she created this classy box: “My box was created using mixed media techniques adding lots of texture and dimension. I used chalk paint and silver gilding polish to create the colourful effect.  Inside, I made a crochet flower brooch and added a bead in the middle for sparkle.”

Fiona seeks to create things that make people smile and laugh, and her blog shows that happy and caring side superbly. Her shop features fantastic home décor that really brings rooms to life and adds a certain amount of humour wherever it is found.


Each one of these boxes comes with a £20 ParcelHero Worldwide shipping voucher. You can be sure that every pound is headed for Great Ormond Street; ParcelHero even cover the costs of sending the box to each winning bidder


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