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Coaching For Gold: Announcing The ParcelHero Everyday Sports Hero

87 year old John Dunne is not only adored by his family, but by the community of disabled athletes and sporting people he has coached and developed back into winning shape; with some even going on to win Paralympic bronze and silver medals. This is the tale of our Everyday Sports Hero 2015.

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Everyday Sports Hero 2015 Winner: John Dunne

Nominated by his daughter, John Dunne has dedicated a large portion of his life to getting those with severe disabilities back into sports. By helping them to remain active, some of these individuals have developed into fully-trained athletes and taken after John himself, who has ran with both the Commonwealth Torch and Olympic Torch.

From his home in Greater Manchester, John spoke to ParcelHero yesterday and said: “When Andrea told me she had nominated me for this award I didn’t think for one minute that I would win it, so I was delighted when I received your email that I had been chosen as your Sports Hero. I am thrilled to think so many people read my story and voted for me so I could win this honour.”

John still to this day attends the local athletic club to share his expertise and knowledge with young, budding sporting all-stars. His connection to the community is very engraved. As his daughter tells us, people still remain in contact with John throughout their lives due to the love and care he gives to all those who come into contact with him.

Nobody receives John’s love as much as his wife though, according to his son, explaining: “My niece summed it up when she said ‘if I find a man who loves me half as much as my grandad loves my grandma, I will be the luckiest girl in the world.'” Grandma is also a big community hero, volunteering for over 50 years with hospital and community visits and generally caring for the elderly.

John’s big personality is reflected in his large family. With six daughters and one son, all adore their father more than anything else; the man who has given so much to the community around him and inspired them to do the same.

His unrelenting love and support for his wife is a source of strength for his family and friends, a real trooper in the face of life and it’s many obstacles.

John truly is a sporting hero. Sports throughout human history has been a path for people to come together and inspires many to better themselves, and then those around them. John is testament to this and absolutely deserves to be celebrated for it.

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