Using Dance To Strengthen the Community: Announcing the Everyday People’s Hero 2015

Having your own dance crew does seem pretty spectacular, especially when it’s primarily role is bringing a community together under the banner of hip-hop with some pretty impressive dance moves. Thomas Glynn, our ParcelHero People’s Hero 2015, established the UC Crew to break-down social barriers in St Helens and bring those from all generations closer together through the power of dance, music and graffiti.

Receiving almost double the votes of our People’s Hero runner-up, Thomas was clearly the favourite as he stormed to victory last week and took the prize. Looking at his volunteering track-record, it’s unsurprising. Before establishing the UC Crew Thomas worked for over 10 years to change the community around him for the better. Now armed with his UC Crew, Thomas hopes to spread a positive message about hip-hop, which is typically associated with all the wrong messages, and use it instead to empower the younger members of society to help sustain a healthy community.

Receiving the good news, Thomas said: “I’m made up that I was nominated, but I’m especially pleased that people voted for me and I became the peoples choice.
It means a lot to me being an “Everyday People Hero” and has put a big smile on my face today. I will enjoy my experience day and will have a well deserved day off from volunteering.”

Thomas is dedicated to helping the young get a better start in life. Using dance as a medium, Thomas has helped bring older and younger residents in St Helens, where he is based, closer together. By breaking down some social barriers, Thomas hopes he can develop relations between the far-flung generations that will help both groups live in a happier, more functioning area.

This in turn has proven inspirational to many living in St Helens. Thomas’s primary aim is to reinstate confidence in those deemed as ‘at risk’.

It’s clearly a winning formula. Thomas has helped over 500 young people during his employment at St Helens Volunteer Centre as a Volunteer Manager. Using his talent as a people person who can relate to both the old and the young, Thomas has helped people back into work and back on the right track to keep from further problems in their life.

Not only has he worked hard to get people dancing, but he has also worked to change the bad reputation that Hip-Hop has and to help young people, especially those at risk, change their lives for the better. Thanks to Thomas, some of his dance crew have started their very first job, and that’s just one example of the difference Thomas has made to the people around him.

It may not be the most common way to make a difference in the community, but Thomas has used breakdancing to become such a well-known and well-loved figure in his community as well as neighbouring communities. By working hard to bring dance to the community, Thomas has given people both the young and the old a way to express themselves and their individuality. Thomas is not only a hero to the young people in his area, but everyone else too.

As we were told when we received his nomination… “Tom is a good’un!”

There’s more than one way to be a hero. Thomas and his breakdancing are just one example, but make sure you check out our other ParcelHero Everyday Heroes. They come in all shapes and sizes, but here are some others who got nominated; a Sports Hero and a Business Hero.

And if you haven’t heard about our amazing ParcelHero Everyday Heroes 2015 winner, then check out our interview with her here.

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