A Closer Look at Some of #PHWinterWorkshop’s Gift Boxes

These stunning boxes have been sent to us for ParcelHero’s #PHWinterWorkshop charity auction. Last year we raised nearly £1,000 for charity and this year we want to do better. Our target is £1,500 and to hit this figure we are auctioning off a selection of boxes that have been decorated by artists from all over the world. Each box comes with a £20 free worldwide shipping voucher for ParcelHero and we ship each winner their box for free.


Lipstick, Lettuce & Lycra charity auction box


Gemma Seager’s impressive box has a chic nautical theme and the colours are expertly matched. The top of this gift box features a ship’s wheel on a white background that mimics the sky. The sides of the box are designed to look like the ocean with protruding wooden waves. Underneath, you find a diver and submarine floating at the bottom of the sea. Once opened, this box reveals its charming delights. A small wooden ship, framed against a sky of clouds and birds immediately greets your eyes. Below the ship, pebbles and seaweed make up the bottom of the sea. To top it all off, a small memory game is included. This is an extremely cute box and will make a fantastic Christmas gift.

Lipstick, Lettuce & Lycra is a health and fitness blog which focuses on sports and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Gemma is an enthusiastic member of her local roller derby team and regularly updates a few blogs that represent her interests. If you want to own some of Gemma’s art and help save lives, then bid on this fabulous box today.


Vicky Sheridan's charity box


Vicky Sheridan of Blush Crafts has created a classy design with a “woman’s world” theme; sophisticated fashion and interior design snippets cover the box’s exterior. A handmade paper bow sits on top of the box to really set off the design. Once opened, the box contains a pair of handknitted pink wrist warmers. They are knitted with thick 100% cotton yarn and are the perfect accompaniment to this year’s frosty winter. This unique gift box will make an ideal gift for a friend or loved one this Christmas and will help Great Ormond Street Hospital continue to save lives.

Vicky specialises in creating cards and paper craft projects that are featured in blogs and magazines; she also has a passion for knitting and crocheting. Blush Crafts is full of guides and reviews that can help anyone create something special. If you are not crafty yourself, you can also buy Vicky’s handmade creations through her blog.




This superbly Christmassy box is designed by Briony Stebbings of Any Way To Stay At Home. You can read her description of this creation on her blog. The box is covered in light blue glitter tape and has a pink glitter tape ribbon attached which gives it a modern, yet traditionally festive feel. Inside the box you will find two charming handmade felt pine cones. They have splashes of glitter on them and would look at home on any lucky Christmas tree this year. All in all, this is an excellent gift this Christmas and with every bid, we get closer to hitting our £1,500 target.

Any Way To Stay At Home features Briony’s musings on life, product reviews and parenting tips. As a lifestyle blog, you can follow her path through life and enjoy her reflections and insights. We are proud to have her box available to bid on right now, and hope it will find a nice home this winter.


Castle view academy auction box


We are delighted to reveal this lovely handmade giftbox from Crystal McLean of Castle View Academy. Crystal’s Christmas box is covered in a light and sparkly paint that gives it a real Christmassy feel.  The top of the box features a teddy bear embellishment which sets of this classy gift box. Inside the pretty Christmas theme is continued with several stylish snowflakes found on the underside of the lid. Below, nice tissue paper complete with glitter opens to reveal handmade woollen tree ornaments. They are made with wonderful glitter wool and will suit any Christmas tree.

Crystal’s blog contains all manner of home-schooling tips, lifehacks and craft guides; making it the one stop shop for all things homely. Castle View Academy is your go-to if you need inspiration or just want a snapshot into someone else’s life. Bid on Crystal’s gift box now to help us raise money for Great Ormond Street Hospital.
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