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Marmite vs Vegemite


As the dust settles on the sticky Vitamin B-rich battlefield, two giants emerge panting and facing one another; both hold wooden spoons dripping in black nectar. One stands proudly, draped in a Union Flag flapping in the breeze, while the other, a cousin from a land clad in sun and surf stares intensely; they are Marmite and Vegemite, and ParcelHero must decide which is better, once and for all. This is #Mitefight.

ParcelHero asks the question: which is better? Marmite or Vegemite? Two teams of the world’s greatest Marmite/Vegemite chefs will put their respective recipes to the test, for you to vote on and declare a winner, forever.  

The two most hated/liked spreadable in the UK and Australia leave most confused when compared. Honestly, what’s the difference? This supposed difference has become a subject of explosive global debate – victory would mean gloating rights for either Brits or Aussies in bars across the land. So, what better way to decide the true king of yeast spreads than a tasteful cooking competition? And what better time than the week of National Australia day?

Out of the 10 Marmite and Vegemite recipes, please select one recipe only and scroll down to cast your vote! After voting you will be able to view the results table.
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Disclaimer: This online poll is not affiliated or associated with Vegemite, and is independent from Vegemite’s trading activities.

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