Parcel Hero Christmas Boxes and headshots.

ParcelHero’s Advent Calendar Raises £880 For Oxfam

Bidding closed on our incredible Advent Calendar last week, raising hundreds of pounds for Oxfam UK and delivering a unique and beautiful twist to one lucky winners Christmas decorations.

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Parcel Hero Christmas Boxes and headshots.

Through our auction page on eBay, people fought tooth-and-nail to out-do one-another, with the final bidding closing at £360. To make sure Oxfam got something extra-special from ParcelHero in time for Christmas, we threw in an additional £20 per box, finally raising the grand total to £880.

Peter Hall, Partnerships Manager at Oxfam, said: “We’re delighted with the response to Parcelhero’s Advent Calendar Auction. It’s great to be able to convert the blogging community’s creativity into funding to support Oxfam’s vital work around the world. Your life-saving gift could bring clean water to 1000 people – from families facing an emergency to a community without a nearby supply. Thank you!”

We can also confirm the Calendar is being used as a Christmas surprise for the wife of Phil, our eBay winner. Hope she loves it Phil!

To create the Advent Calendar, ParcelHero rallied an international team of leading Artists and Crafty-Bloggers to each take a plain, wooden box and create something special and unique. We were amazed with the results. Each box was beautifully decorated with creative and festive themes and jammed packed with arty goodies, including a mini-dolls house, spacey figurines and more.

Parcel Hero Christmas Boxes and headshots.

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Our lucky winner

The effort and level of beauty put into this advent calendar by our creative community was staggering and did very well to raise awareness to Oxfam’s wonderful cause. We would like to thank all of those who partook in the calendar for their incredible work, which helped raise nearly a thousand pounds for charity.

Included in the Advent Calendar were:

Craft Test DummiesJennie MaizelsCraft BlogLunartikCider with SophieFairy Tale Pretty PictureWhere Wishes Come FromLipsticks and LashesStyled by CharlieBy Niels de JongOne Found SevenWallflower GirlThe Two DarlingsChirps from a Littered HenCanadian AbroadInside Out and AboutFizzy PeachesAngel Eden BlogLook at What I MadePablo IentileJesstheticsPatricia ConesaLinda DykesRachel SouthernJune Olsen and Jooles Hill.

Book A Next Day Delivery In The UK From only £2.19>

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