#PHWinterWorkshop is Almost Over

The time has come to bid farewell to ParcelHero’s #PHWinterWorkshop charity auction. The last of our boxes have been listed on eBay and are available to bid on right now. We have seen great interest in our boxes, with the Tony Visconti David Bowie memorial box being the highlight. Every winning bid goes to Great Ormond Street Hospital where the money will be spent helping to save young lives.

Our last batch of boxes features a celebrity offering from Louie Vause. Louie has hand-designed a box and included some select items that his fans will truly appreciate. Hand-drawn sketches from his walks and an as-of-yet unreleased EP are found inside the box. Like the rest of the listed boxes, there is a £20 ParcelHero shipping voucher also included.

Our other listed boxes include an essential oils set, a fantastic pin cushion and a stand-out Geode trinket box. Find them all at the bottom of this page.

We have been so honoured to work with such a high calibre of craft bloggers and artists over the past few months and want to say a special thank you to each of them. Their hard work and creativity has turned blank wooden boxes into works of art that are helping to save lives.


Below is a selection of our favourite boxes from this year:

#PHWINTERWONDERLAND alice in wonderland box #PHWINTERWONDERLAND tony visconti box#PHWINTERWONDERLAND nautical box #PHWINTERWONDERLAND daffodil box


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