A Closer Look at Some of #PHWinterWorkshop’s Gift Boxes – Part III

This Christmas, ParcelHero are auctioning gift boxes designed by artists from all over the world. All money raised goes directly to Great Ormond Street Hospital. Last year we raised nearly £1,000 for Oxfam; this year we want to do better and raise £1,500. This money will be enough to purchase a portable heart monitor and can genuinely help save young lives this winter. Every winning bid will receive their gift box with free postage and a £20 ParcelHero worldwide shipping voucher will be included inside.


The Family Patch Gift Box

Amanda Shortman of The Family Patch has gifted us with this wonderful blue box. The box itself is decoupaged with varying shades of blue tissue paper and has a gold trim around its inside lip. Once opened, the box has a royal blue interior which the gold lining sets off nicely. The most impressive feature of this gift box is the necklace that is found within. Here is how Amanda describes her masterpiece: “it is a two-strand necklace made with turquoise chips and complementary seed beads (clear and two shades of blue). It has a decorative silver played clasp to complete it.”

The tagline for The Family Patch is “like coffee with a good friend,” this beautifully sums up what they are all about. With a warm and friendly tone, you will find Amanda’s musings on life, craft guides, and honest accounts of life with Amanda and her family.


Baby Budgeting Gift Box

Beck Goddhard-Hill has gifted us with a lovely gift box for our charity auction this Christmas. The exterior of the box features a classy gold themed decal calling for you to “live the life you love.” Inside we find a selection of healing crystals and two charming Christmas tree ornaments amongst some other little gifts. This selection makes this gift box a fantastic present for a child or family this winter.

Becky’s lovely blog contains tips and advice on all manner of subjects, including raising babies, parenting, finances and craft. Whatever you family or parenting need, the chances are that Becky has blogged about it, so pay Baby Budgeting a visit and find the advice that you need today.


Zoe Rush Gift Box

Zoe Rush has created a charming gift box for #PHWinterWorkshop, ParcelHero’s charity auction. The box is decorated with a subtle gold background and features an intricate flower and butterfly design in brown and purple. The overall result is a classy box which makes a fantastic gift this Christmas. Inside the box we find a C.S. Lewis quote “Courage, dear heart” repeated on the base and the inside lid. All in all, this is one uplifting box.

Zoe has recently started documenting her artistic endeavours on her Facebook Page Woodland Rush Crafts. Zoe specialises in upcycling with both home décor and furniture.

Randi Dukes DIY Art Box

Randi Dukes has provided us with a fantastic gift box for our charity auction this Christmas. Randi of Dukes & Duchesses has named her creation DIY Art Box. As the name suggests, we find art supplies inside. Once opened, you see watercolours fixed to the inside of the lid, three mini canvasses and a small paint brush. The top of the box features a unique design also, Randi describes it on her blog “I randomly watercoloured the top of the box and added the word “create” in bright yellow vinyl.”

Dukes & Duchesses is full of recipes, craft guides and DIY project ideas. Randi regularly updates her blog with fresh content that is relevant for all walks of life. The blog provides useful information with a slice of humour.

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