A Mountain Rescue Hero: Announcing The Everyday Volunteer Hero 2015

As the UK faced a tirade of flooding and severe weather conditions last month, volunteers like Ian Peckitt, a member of his local Mountain Rescue Team in Scarborough, rallied together to help those who truly need it. Described as a ‘true hero’ by his wife and son as our Volunteer Everyday Hero 2015 braves treacherous terrain day and night to aid those injured in the wilderness.

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Ian has been volunteering for seven years for the Scarborough and Ryedale Mountain Rescue Team. In the day, Ian has a full time job as a First Aid Trainer and get’s a ‘true buzz’ from teaching people to be confident and capable in difficult situations.

His wife Jodie and his Son Ben, who nominated Ian, have described his dedication as ‘endless’ and are very proud of a man who spends a lot of his evenings and weekends maintaining his expert training and completing rescue exercises.He is also known for heading out late into the evening and then heading straight into work in the morning.

Ian spoke to ParcelHero after receiving the award and said: “I am very surprised at receiving this and most importantly proud that my family thought that I deserved a chance to win.

“However, I must say that I would consider this award recognises ALL members of the Mountain Rescue Teams across England and Wales as they do indeed ‘Save Lives in Wild and Remote Places’. Most especially over the last month with the flooding in areas of the UK that lead to many volunteers, Swift Water Rescue Technicians, to give up their own time to assist those in distress.”

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Ian continues: “I am and always will be proud to say that I am a member of an unbelievable group of people within Mountain Rescue and I am proud to be a member of Scarborough and Ryedale Mountain Rescue Team.”

Ian’s work doesn’t quite end there, either. He is a great believer in community and continues to attend and organise community and fund-raising events. And apart from saving people on mountain tops and raising money for charity, Ian goes even further. On a recent family trip, he helped a father who was also out with his family as he was suddenly hit with a stroke. Without hesitation and a calm steady approach, Ian helped the man through his ordeal. The family were very appreciative, but so was the restaurant manager as Ian kept everyone everyone calm and led the situation effortlessly.

And, like any hero, Ian will be using the prize to treat his wife: “My wife absolutely needs some recognition in all of this, especially as she does become a Mountain Rescue Widow when rescue or search’s come in during meal times, kids bedtime and weekends.”

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