UPS Access Point™: How To Book & Collect

The introduction of UPS Access Point™ into our services has allowed for our customers to enjoy a new level of flexibility in their parcel delivery, but how does it work?

In this guide we will explore

  • What is a UPS Access Point™?
  • Booking a UPS Access Point™ Delivery
  • Collecting Your Parcel From A UPS Access Point™

DPD is planning to offer customers the choice of when they want their deliveries

What is a UPS Access Point™?

A UPS Access Point™ is a safe location you can drop-off or collect your package from. It is cheaper than standard residential delivery and just as convenient, with over 2,500 access point locations around the UK. The major benefit of the access point is the ability to work to your schedule, instead of the drivers. By removing the need to wait at home for your parcel delivery, you avoid having to book time off work or miss any other important activities. Just grab the parcel when you are ready from around the corner.

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Booking a UPS Access Point™ Delivery

Booking a UPS Access Point™ pickup is a simple process. Simply enter your details into the booking form and follow the process to the next screen. You will then need to simply enter your postcode into the search bar and click the most convenient location for your parcel to be picked up from. Remember to select an access point for your parcel to be delivered to.

  1. Enter your personal details
  2. Enter your postcode and select an access point

From this page you can also: 

  • Choose your nearest UPS access point on our interactive map
  • Find out more information about UPS access points

Collecting Your Parcel From A UPS Access Point™

Once you have been notified by the courier that your parcel has been delivered to the selected access point, you can then pick it up whenever you like – as long as it is during the business hours of the shop location. All you need is some ID and the booking reference number automatically sent to your email after booking.

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