China Cost Comparison: ParcelHero V The Post Office

With Chinese New Year being celebrated on 19 February, if you are sending gifts or products to China, ParcelHero® offers a comprehensive range of international delivery options. If you want fast, reliable shipping to China, using the world’s best carriers, ParcelHero® is up to 58% cheaper than the Post Office. And don’t forget we offer great discounts  for delivery from China to the UK! Just enter your delivery details into our Instant Quote tool and we’ll find you the best transit times and the cheapest prices to China.

  • Save 31% on a 1kg Express parcel to China and we’ll get it there in 3 days
  • Save 58% on a 10kg Express delivery
  • Send an Express 30kg parcel to China and save £144
  • For a 70kg Economy shipment to China, ParcelHero® can save you over £290


Transit Times and Delivery Deadlines
Any international delivery to China will have to pass through Chinese customs and comply with China’s rigorous clearance regulations. The last thing we want is for your parcel to be delayed, so here are some expert tips for navigating Chinese customs.

To ensure your gifts or goods arrive in good time for Chinese New Year, ParcelHero recommends the following shipping deadlines to allow delivery for 18 Februrary. For Express delivery to China, the recommended ‘safe’ send date is 11 February as we allow an additional 48 hours for customs clearance. The final send date is 13 February. For Economy delivery, the final send date is 9 February.

If you need any further advice on shipping to China, our expert customer service team are available via phone, email or Live Chat.

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