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Well done. If you’re reading this, chances are that you have sold some clothing on Depop. Great news, now comes the question “how do I get my clothes to their new owner?” The answer is very simple, shipping clothes or shoes is easy with ParcelHero.

How to Ship with Depop

  1. Package your Depop goods carefully. Dealing with annoyed customers who received damaged goods will take time out of your busy schedule and provide you with negative feedback.
  2. Send your parcels as quickly as you can. You must put customer satisfaction high up on your list of priorities.
  3. Use Enhanced Cover. If your item is lost or damaged enhanced cover can help cover refunds for your customer which will save you money in the long run. ParcelHero gives you £50 free cover on every shipment (excluding Hermes shipments).
  4. Print your shipping labels at home. This is convenient and will save you having to pay for printing in libraries or print shops. ParcelHero automatically give you labels to print out that can be attached straight to your parcel.
  5. Give your customer a tracking number so they know their parcel has been dispatched and can follow its progress. ParcelHero gives you free door to door tracking on every delivery.


Depop Shipping UK

Depop is quickly becoming the most important app to buy used clothing today. It is widely known to be the best app to buy and sell clothes, and it’s easy to see why. The Depop app is as easy to use as Instagram and as good for selling your used goods as eBay; it is simply the best of both worlds. Unfortunately, Depop shipping labels do not exist and users must handle all shipping by themselves. Depop gives users some helpful shipping advice but it can often be hard to know what to look for when it comes to sending your goods domestically and even internationally.

Depop CLothes on Rollerway

How to Ship Depop Items

When it comes to shipping any item, it is very important to get the measurements exactly right. If you enter the incorrect measurements then you will be charged after the parcel is delivered for the excess weight or girth of the parcel. For this reason, we suggest finding out how much your item weighs as a priority. Kitchen scales are an acceptable tool when preparing to ship your item, but if you are planning to ship regularly, then it is well worth investing in postal scales.

Also make sure that you have all the packaging materials needed to keep your Depop items safe during transit. Bubble wrap, packaging paper, newspaper, packaging peanuts and foam are all great at keeping your goods safe during delivery. When you ship clothes to a new owner it is worth taking the time to iron and fold the item before placing it inside your parcel. This will give your customer a great first impression and encourage them to shop at your Depop store again.

ParcelHero Top Tip: When you sell on Depop, make sure that you spend time making your parcel and its contents look nice. Appearance counts for a lot and good feedback equals increased sales.


Interview With London-Based, Depop Superstar Mia Williams; Owner of Madseventies Depop shop

Mia Williams, Depop Superstar

How did you get into selling clothing on Depop?

It all started when I had no more space to hang or hide the garments I’ve purchased on my daily Saturday routine. Despite feeling proud and wanting to keep all the vintage finds I realised enough is enough, I need a clean-out-your-closet kind of day. Before using Depop I used to drop a few bags at charity organisations however thought I’d give it a go by selling my personal garments. I also had support from my friend Jennifer which was a successful Depop seller too. As the saying goes, ‘one man’s junk is another man’s treasure.’

Do you have any tips for new Depopers or people wanting to set up Depop for the first time?

Have fun with it. Explore with colour, textures, layers and themes. Who doesn’t enjoy styling or modelling their own garments? I would advise new members on Depop to use natural light, style your garment (sometimes over the top styling, could attract a bigger audience), communicate and respond as quickly to potential buyers, to be flexible, send packages within two days, quality control, give it a good steam and fold it nicely, aim for good reviews as it creates trust between a buyer and seller, change your setting by using different props and backdrops, have garments that can be worn by a range of sizes, describe your garment in detail and provide pieces wearable to both male and female.

How many items do you tend to ship per week?

It varies from time to time, different factors could play a part in the amount of garments you sell weekly; such as the quality of photos, the style of garment, natural light, etc.  I would say between 10 to 20 garments but aiming for more sales once full time in fashion.

What is the furthest one of your items has been shipped?

Australia and South Africa and America.. I am so grateful having buyers outside UK supporting my shop ‘Madseventies.

Can you walk me through your packaging process before you send an an item to a customer?

I use burnt orange and gold packaging when sending my packages for a pop of colour. I do a quick quality check by making sure the garment is being sent off as stated in the description, then I write the buyers address, fold the garment (as small and flat as possible), add a little thank you note and tape it up. The local post office has been very helpful showing me how to fold my packages as small as possible so I spend less money on postage. I would keep my receipt as proof for both myself and the buyer. To end it off, I send my buyer a message saying it’s been sent off and leave a review on their wall.

Using Depop is great way to recycle clothing in a fun way!

My blog name:
Instagram Name: Miameex
Depop shop: madseventies

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Depop Shipping Labels

Depop SHipping Labels in action

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Once your item has been packaged, measured and weighed it is time to enter these details on your chosen courier service’s website. When using ParcelHero, once you enter these details, you are offered services from all our available couriers. These generally range from Express delivery to the cheaper Economy delivery options.

When you have chosen your courier service, simply choose the collection and delivery addresses, decide whether you want your parcel covered and tell us what’s in the shipment. Then you are good to go, enter your payment details and you are presented with your shipping labels and your invoice.

To make Depop shipping even more easy, you can enter your recipient’s email address so we can let both of you know when your parcel has been collected, is out for delivery and has been delivered. This helps cut the stress for everyone involved and allows both of you to know where the parcel is at any given moment.



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