Gift Delivery: ParcelHero’s Global Holiday Guide

Gift Delivery

Any celebration is made better by the sending and receiving of gifts. At ParcelHero, we want to ensure that you do not miss your chance to book a gift delivery for your loved ones. Continue reading for our list of global holidays so you can send gifts online before time runs out and you have to book a next day delivery for your gifts.


Christmas Day


When: December 25th

Where: Celebrated by Christians around the world. Major holiday in most western nations

Gifts: Assorted presents, toys for children

Information: A Christian holiday celebrating the birth of baby Jesus. In the UK Christmas presents are traditionally ‘delivered’ by Santa Claus to children who have been good on the night of December 24 and opened on Christmas morning. Families also give each other presents on Christmas Day. In some countries, such as Germany and Denmark, gifts from family are opened on Christmas Eve – December 24.

Book your Christmas gift delivery by: December 18th




When: Variable date – 16th April 2017

Where: Major holiday around the world

Gifts: Chocolate and other tasty treats

Information: Celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ three days after his death on the cross, Easter is popular the world over. The customary Easter gift is chocolate, often in the form of eggs. Delicious confectionery isn’t the only thing getting unwrapped at Easter though – some countries also give small gifts to their immediate family.

Book your Easter gift delivery by: April 7th



Eid al-Fitr

When: 25th June 2017

Where: Celebrated by Muslims the world over

Gifts: Food, clothes

Information: Eid al-Fitr marks the end Ramadan, a month of fasting, and is celebrated with plentiful food, family and gifts. No one is allowed to fast on Eid al-Fitr, and brand new clothes are an important part of the celebrations. During Eid al-Fitr, family visits are made and it’s considered rude to refuse an offer of food or drink – which are ever-present! The children have the best time of it – not only do they get three days of plentiful supplies of their favourite snacks, they also get brand new outfits and, unlike the adults, a bit of money too.

Book your Eid al-Fitr gift delivery by: June 16th



Eid al-Adha


When: 1st September 2017

Where: Muslims celebrate this the world over

Gifts: Food, Clothes

Information: Also known as the feast of sacrifice, Eid al-Adha honours the willingness of Ibrahim to sacrifice his son at the behest of god. In order to celebrate his sacrifice, those who can afford sacrifice a sheep and split the meat into thirds to share it between family, friends and the poor. New clothing is part of the celebrations, and youngsters are often gifted whole new outfits for the occasion. With plenty of mutton on offer, Eid al-Adha is a time for family, friends and full stomachs.

Book your Eid al-Adha gift delivery by: August 25th




When: 12th December 2017

Where: Jewish holiday

Gifts: Food, dreidel, money

Information: Sometimes erroneously referred to as the Jewish Christmas, Hanukkah is actually a festival of light that celebrates the rededication of the temple – a tradition that is more than 2000 years old. Taking place over eight days, Hanukkah is celebrated by lighting a candle the Hanukiah (an eight-candle holder) on each day. Traditionally, children are given gifts of dreidels or gelt, though giving gifts to the whole family has become much more common.

Book your Hanukkah gift delivery by: 5th December




When: 19th October

Where: an official holiday in Fiji, Guyana, India, Pakistan, Malaysia, Mauritius, Myanmar, Nepal, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Suriname and Trinidad and Tobago.

Gifts: All sorts!

Information: As the Festival of Light, Diwali is one of the most important celebrations of the Hindu calendar and is celebrated by Hindus all over the world. Diwali customs include fireworks, sharing a feast with family and friends and exchanging gifts. Like Christmas in countries like America and the UK, Diwali inspires a surge of shopping as families hope to find that perfect gift for someone special.

Book your Diwali gift delivery by: 12th October



Thai Pongal


When: January 13 to January 16

Where: India

Gifts: Food, clothes, money

Information: Thai Pongal, the harvest festival, is celebrated in India in January over the course of several days, each with their own traditions associated to them. Alongside celebrating the coming summer and the life inspired by the sun, Thai Pongal is also a well-loved opportunity to give gifts to family and friends. Traditionally, on the fourth day of the festival landlords give their tenants gifts of food, clothes and money, while brothers give sisters special gifts to display their affection.

Book your Thai Pongal gift delivery by: 2nd January


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When: 10 May 2017

Where: Buddhist holiday

Gifts: Cards, money, flowers, gifts

Information: Vesak is one of the most important events in the Buddhist calendar, celebrating the birth, enlightenment and passing of Siddhartha Gautama, the Buddha. Although there are differences in the way that Vesak is celebrated around the world, there will typically be observation of the practices of Giving, Virtue and Cultivation. Buddhists all over the world will donate to charities and do charitable acts to honour the life of the Buddha.

Book your Vesak gift delivery by: 3rd May




When: 26 Dec – Jan 1

Where: Mainly America

Gifts: Books, heritage gifts

Information: First celebrated in 1966, Kwanzaa is a predominantly African American festival that celebrates Family, Community and Culture. On the first of January – the last day of Kwanzaa – gifts are shared among family members and friends and, according to the rules of Kwanzaa, gifts for children must include books and heritage gifts, to reaffirm a commitment to learning and culture. To find out more about Kwanzaa, have a look at the official website.

Book your Kwanzaa gift delivery by: 18th December



Mother’s Day

When: 26th March 2017

Where: Quite literally celebrated the world over

Gifts: Flowers, chocolate, jewellery, anything that makes your mother feel special

Information: Mother’s Day may have less history than some other occasions – the first official Mother’s Day was a little more than 100 years ago – but it’s celebrated all over the world. Appreciating your mother is universal, and so is the idea of getting them something special. Mother’s Day is celebrated on a variety of dates worldwide, though the most common dates fall in April and May.

Book your Mother’s Day gift delivery by: 17th March



Father’s Day

When: 18th June

Where: Worldwide

Gifts: Whiskey, Cigars, chewing tobacco

Information: Father’s Day is observed all over the world, despite it’s relevantly short history, and pays respects to fathers. Typically, gifts are given by family members to fathers and grandfathers as a way of showing their appreciation for their parent. Other traditional celebrations include meals and, on occasion, breakfast in bed.

Book your Father’s Day gift delivery by: 9th June



Saint Nicholas Day

Saint Nicholas's Day 2017

When: December 6

Where: Mainly Europe and the Middle East

Gifts: Similar gifts to Christmas

Information: Saint Nicholas Day is the feast day of Saint Nicholas – who was known for his generosity and gift giving. Christians around the world celebrate by giving gifts and enjoying local traditions. The gifting traditions in some countries have been shifted to Christmas Day – many believe that the idea of Father Christmas was inspired by Saint Nicholas – and in others, like the Netherlands, gifts are sometimes given on both Saint Nicholas’ Day and Christmas Day.

Book your Saint Nicholas Day gift delivery by: 30th November



St Basil’s Day

When: January 1

Where: Greece

Gifts: Toys for children, bread baked with coin inside

Information: In Greek tradition, children are visited by Saint Basil on January 1 – he gives them gifts and families enjoy a meal of vasilopita, a type of bread that is baked with a coin inside. This is part of celebrating the Feast of Saint Basil, during which it is customary to visit family, share a meal together, sing new year carols and to leave a place at the table for Saint Basil.

Book your St Basil’s Day gift delivery by: 18th November



Valentine’s Day

When: February 14

Where: Celebrated all over the world

Gifts: Chocolates, flowers, jewellery

Information: Valentine’s Day might be one of the most commercially driven events in the year, but it is also one of the most widely loved. February 14 is generally used an opportunity to celebrate love and relationships, and traditionally gifts of chocolate, flowers or jewellery are given to a significant other, often during a date.

Book your Valentine’s Day gift delivery by: 7th February



White Day

When: March 14

Where: Japan

Gifts: Chocolate, flowers, jewellery

Information: In Japan, Valentine’s Day is traditionally focused on men getting chocolates from women. In return, there’s another holiday a month later called White Day, when men are expected to get gifts or chocolate for the women who gave them chocolate for Valentine’s Day. Often, the chocolate gifts that they give in return are made of white chocolate as a nod to the name of the day. Department stores often have gifts and signs to remind shoppers of the upcoming date and as such it is a celebration that is seldom forgotten.

Book your Valentine’s Day gift delivery by: 28th February



Chinese New Year

Chinese new year celebrations

When: 16th February 2018

Where: China

Gifts: Money

Information: The Year of the Monkey is well underway, which means that it’s not long until it’s time to celebrate the incoming Year of the Rooster. Chinese New Year is celebrated all over the world and is traditionally one of the main events in the Chinese calendar. It’s a great opportunity to celebrate with friends and family, and to give them a little something special – the traditional New Year’s gift is some money in a red envelope.

Book your Chinese New Year gift delivery by: 9th February


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When: 3rd October

Where: Korea

Gifts: Money, food

Information: Chuseok is a celebration of the harvest; a great opportunity to enjoy family and good food as well as offer up a few small gifts for those special people in your life. There’s a small gift giving tradition involved with the festival, mostly only between family members or very close friends who enjoy the celebrations together.

Book your Chuseok gift delivery by: 26th September



Las Posadas

When: December 16-24, January 6

Where: Mexico, Latin America

Gifts: Money, food, toys

Information: In Mexico, Christmas is celebrated by on the 9 proceeding days in a festival called Las Posadas. Between December 16 and December 24, parties are held each evening for family and friends. When guests arrive they are turned away in a re-enactment of Mary and Joseph’s search for somewhere to stay. They are later invited in to join the party, during which children are given bags of cookies, sweets and toys. Each night a piñata in the shape of a star is destroyed, celebrating the star that led the Three Kings to Jesus. On January 6 presents are exchanged and, unlike Christmas, gifts are brought by the Three Kings instead of Santa Claus.

Book your Las Posadas gift delivery by: 8th December

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