What happens when a driver is unable to locate a delivery address?

Although it’s an unusual problem when you’re shipping with ParcelHero, sometimes a delivery can go astray in the very last phases. It may have been successfully collected and made its way across the world, but when it comes to delivering at the end of the journey, your courier has to be able to find your front door.

If you live in a remote area, or in a home that is newly built, there is the possibility that our courier will have trouble finding your home. Some addresses are difficult to find, with badly numbered houses or entrances that are concealed or impossible to reach. And, of course, every now and then we get the delivery address wrong, which means that couriers could be trying to deliver to addresses that don’t exist.

Not to worry though – our couriers do their best to make sure that you get your parcel. They won’t just shrug and give up; instead there are a variety of ways that they will attempt to ensure that, despite their inability to get to your front door, your parcel still arrives in good time.

Contact the receiver

Depending on the company you have chosen to ship with, your courier may be provided with a company phone. In this case, and you have provided correct contact details, your courier will try to contact you immediately if they cannot locate your address.

If they reach you, you will be able to explain the route to your address, or clarify your location. However, if they cannot reach you, they may continue on their route while continuing to attempt contact. If they cannot reach you at all before needing to leave the area, your delivery may be postponed.

Alternatively, they may choose to contact the sender of the parcel if they cannot get into contact with the receiver. If this is the case, the sender will be asked to confirm the delivery address and, if possible, clarify any special instructions.

Contact the depot

When you have chosen to work with a carrier that does not provide their couriers with company telephones, they will be unable to contact you directly. In these situations, they have to contact the depot instead. This is done by the electronic message system, and means that they will not wait for a response before moving on to other deliveries in their area.

While this is the case, depot staff will attempt to contact the receiver of the parcel in order to ensure that the address on the parcel is correct. If they can do so, the courier will return with further instructions and make their delivery. If they cannot reach the sender or receiver of the package, then the parcel will be returned to the depot until further instructions can be obtained.

Return and double check the delivery address – for a charge

No matter if the courier chooses to contact you directly or through the depot staff, if those efforts fail then the package will be returned to the depot to wait for further instructions. Once you have been in contact with the carrier your delivery will either be rescheduled, or the delivery address will have to be corrected.

If the address on the package needs to be changed, there may be a charge associated, as there will be extra transport required to deliver to that new address. Because of that, it’s vital to ensure that all delivery information is correct when creating your shipment.

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