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A Guide On Sending a Parcel to Poland 

Sending a parcel to Poland is quick, cheap and easy with ParcelHero. With a shipping time of 1-3 days and guaranteed cheap quotes, this article has everything you need to send a parcel from the UK to Poland.Whether you are sending a gift or posting to Poland for business, there are five important questions to ask yourself before you begin.

How to Ship a Package to Poland

  • What can’t I ship to Poland?
  • Are there any import duties or taxes I need to pay?
  • How do I package a parcel to survive the trip?
  • What if I live in a remote location?
  • How do I get the cheapest quote for my order?

Luckily, we’ve all the answers here for you, in one handy guide.  


There are 646,000 Polish ex-pats living here in the United Kingdom, the largest of any EU nationality to have settled in the UK. In comparison, there are 4,500 British ex-pats now living in Poland, a number which is steadily rising. One of many similarities between Polish and British culture is the strong family and friend relationships that are forged at home, and then taken abroad – making the exchange of gifts and packages between the UK and Poland very important.

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What Can’t I Ship to Poland?

  • Shoes: If you are sending shoes, it is mandatory that you provide detailed information about the shoes. For example, the kind of material used for the soles and uppers, what kind of shoes they are (sport shoes, sandals, boots) and who is to wear the shoes (children, women, men).
  • Sunglasses: Look for the European CE mark. Sunglasses are restricted from entry into Poland unless they have this mark stamped on it.
  • Technology: All electronic goods also need to have the European CE mark. It is wise to remember that goods without it could be destroyed or shipped back to the sender at their cost.
  • Medicine: Only a small amount of medicine for personal use is allowed to be imported into Poland. All medicine must be accompanied with a prescription.
  • Toys: Toys must be have a European CE mark on them. Without the mark they could be destroyed and fines issued to the sender, so look for the stamp!

There are some items no courier will ship and are listed on our prohibited items list. Some of these include the above list.

  • Alcohol (or any flammable liquids)
  • Meat
  • Live animals
  • Perishable items (see below)
  • Dairy

As you are shipping to a country within the European Union your parcel won’t need to be cleared by customs. There are still some restrictions and prohibitions that vary country to country; so it is important you first read Poland’s restrictions list if you are unsure.

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Don’t forget about Perishable Items

It’s easy to forget, but perishable items are banned by all couriers. Perishable items include food and drink that could spoil during transit – as long as you remember this before packing your hamper with tasty delights, you will be absolutely fine.

What Food Can I send to Poland?

  • If you are sending food bought from a shop then they must be in their original manufacturer’s packaging.
  • They must be sealed and not tampered with in any way.
  • All ingredients must be listed (normally included on the packaging).
  • Food must have a shelf life longer than 6 months.

Top tip: It is best to send food that you have bought from a store. Homemade food tends to fall into the perishable items category as they do not contain preservatives and will therefore go off or spoil during transit. See our guide on sending food to Poland for more information.

What Food Can’t I Ship to Poland?

  • Don’t send items that need a temperature controlled environment. This means no meat or dairy, frozen food or food that needs to be refrigerated and kept chilled – they will spoil before reaching their destination.
  • Don’t send foods restricted for import into their destination. Always check the destination country’s restricted and prohibited items list, located on their customs website. Items can be destroyed if they are on the prohibited list and fines issued by the local customs authority to the sender.

Top Tip: If you are sending a seasonal hamper to Poland then be careful not to include any alcoholic food or drinks of any kind. Alcohol and flammable liquids are prohibited items and cannot be sent via courier.

Click to see our in-depth guide on sending food abroad.


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Are there any import duties or taxes I need to pay when sending a parcel to Poland?

  • Poland’s gift exemption is 45 Euros per shipment. As long as the total value of your shipment remains below this amount then your receiver will not need to pay any import duties or taxes. You will also need to specify that the item is a gift on the customs invoice otherwise you will be charged import duty and tax.
  • If you are shipping from a country outside of the EU then you will need to accurately declare what items are inside your parcel, their respective value and quantity. It is important you do this honestly and clearly as mistakes may lead to delays and additional charges. All the required shipping documents, including the customs invoice, are provided by ParcelHero upon completion of your order. You are only required to provide the correct details about your goods and then stick the paperwork securely to your parcel.
  • The low value threshold is €22 EUR. This means your parcel is exempt from import duty and tax if it is worth less. This only applies if you are shipping from outside of the EU to Poland.

The above list is only taken into account if you are shipping to Poland from outside of the European Union.

You don’t need to pay any import duty or tax on your parcel to Poland from the UK. This is because of the free trade agreement in place in Europe, meaning you don’t need to declare your parcel as you are shipping to a fellow EU country.

Each country has its own import restrictions and prohibitions, published on their customs website. You can discover Poland’s restrictions on the Polish Customs Authority’s website, found below. For example, due to the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant disaster, if you are sending any food items from Japan then you will need to import them via Designated Point of Entries (DPE) within the EU to be checked. More details are found on their website.

How to Package Your Items to Arrive Safely to Poland

  • Whenever you send a parcel, especially one containing fragile items, it is best to invest in a new double-corrugated cardboard box for the outer packaging.
  • For added protection, you can even purchase a triple-corrugated box for those really special items.
  • For internal packaging, use bubble-wrap and wrap your items individually. Remember to fill any remaining space left in the box with any left-over bubble wrap, newspaper or foam.

Need more information? Click here for our packaging and labeling guidelines


Can I Ship to Remote Areas in Poland?

Poland has one of the most beautiful and vast countrysides in Europe, with rolling forests, hills and mountains being home to many different Polish communities. Although we endeavour to deliver quickly to any location, some locations are considered more remote than others. Therefore, an additional surcharge will be applied to your final bill.We won’t hide this charges from you though – once you enter your collection and delivery postcodes we’ll show you the full price of delivery and tell you on what day your package will reach your destination.

No hidden charges and no unexplained delays.

What is a Remote Area?



  • The location is difficult to service
  • The suburb or town is distant, inaccessible or infrequently serviced
  • The location is defined as an island.

To find out if your location is classed as remote, here is an example of the DHL Remote Areas list.

We believe in transparency: view our other surcharges here.

How do I get the cheapest quote?

ParcelHero ships to 220 countries and offers a high quality, reliable service at a fraction of the cost of booking couriers directly. We only use the world’s leading couriers, including UPS, DHL and Fed Ex, ensuring our delivery services are of the highest quality, but without the premium price tag.

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