Snowy road

How to Avoid Snow Delays on your Delivery

Snowmen! Sledging! Snowball fights in the park! Who doesn’t love those magical days when the country gets coated in a layer of the only weather you can play with? Delivery drivers, that’s who.

Sadly for us, snow is courier kryptonite, bringing transport networks across the country to a standstill and potentially causing huge delays to all forms of post. Your parcels are important to you, so they are important to us, and we always work our hardest to ensure they’re delivered on time. However, if snow puts a halt to planes, trains and automobiles, as it has done in previous years, then delays become inevitable.

No longer dreaming of a white Christmas? Don’t despair – it’s not all bah humbug. The best thing you can do as we head into the freezing winter months is to keep an eye on the weather forecast and plan accordingly.

You can find live updates of snow warnings in the UK on the official Met Office website.

Snow Warning

If you see snow on its way then why not send that important package off a couple of days early? Remember, even once the snow has melted many couriers will have a huge backlog of deliveries to get through, which can affect services for days after.

And should the weather turn white then we will keep you updated with the latest information on our facebook and twitter pages. So if your package is delayed by drifts, remember to check there before calling us, as you may well find the answers you’re looking for.

It’s snow joke (sorry, we couldn’t resist) having your parcel delayed by the weather, so plan ahead this winter and let ParcelHero get it to its destination on time.

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