ParcelHero Collection Tips; Courier Collection Times

Collections from your home are designed to be an easy and convenient solution to sending parcels, however the biggest frustration can be not knowing when the driver is likely to turn up. So we thought we’d share some of our knowledge about collection times with you in this blog, and help make collections easy again.

Timed Deliveries Take Priority

Most people expect that if they book and pay more for a timed delivery (a delivery guaranteed to arrive before a certain time the following day, such as pre 10.30 am) to have their parcel prioritised by their courier accordingly, and this is exactly the case!

However, what most people forget is that timed deliveries affect collection schedules. In fact timed deliveries are always prioritised by the carrier, and this is why it’s very rare to have your parcel collected in the morning. Most couriers will offer three timed delivery slots; Pre 09 am, Pre 10.30 am and Pre 12 noon, and generally speaking, only once those parcels have been delivered will the driver be able to deliver the other parcels on board his van, and once that van is empty (or certainly less full) can the driver do their collections for the day.

Collection Times in a Nutshell

This means that approx. 90% of all collections in the UK are made after 12 noon, and most of those between 2.00 pm – 5.30 pm, depending on where you live. In some large urban areas and cities, the driver can even collect as late as 6.30 pm and still make it back to the depot in time with your parcel.

Top 3 Tips

  • The closer you live to the depot, the later your collection is likely to be. If the nearest depot is quite far from where you live then you are more likely to get an earlier collection.
  •   If you have had several previous collections from your home by a branded carrier such as UPS, for example, and if on those occasions you parcel was collected at say 2.20 pm, 3.05 pm and 3.35 pm, then you can assume that it is most likely that future collections from that carrier will be between 2.00 pm and 3.45 pm, although it is not guaranteed. The same goes for most other branded carriers.
  •  If it’s 5.00 pm and your driver has not collected yet, it is ok to call your courier to find out how long he will be. Remember that the courier company wants to collect your parcel. If they are unable to do so on the day you have requested they will have to make another journey out to you the next day, and this is less economical for them, so they will always do everything possible to make your collection a successful one.

If you can’t wait in for the driver to collect your parcel you do have several other options:

  • You can leave your item somewhere safe and leave a note on your door to tell the driver where to collect the item from. If you do this, it is absolutely vital that you let us know first so that we can co-ordinate with the carrier, and that you ensure all the necessary documents are with the parcel and won’t be at risk of water damage.
  • You can leave the item with a neighbour as long as you leave a note on your door for the driver and let us know in advance so that we can liaise with the carrier.
  • You can also take the parcel straight to the depot yourself. To find your nearest depot, contact our friendly customer care team who will be happy to advise you.

Requesting a Time Slot for your Collection

At ParcelHero we let our customers request a time slot for their collection which really helps our customers and the collection depot to organise their day, but remember the time slot is only a request, it’s not a guarantee. By selecting a collection time slot, you are simply letting us know this is the optimal time for the collection. It doesn’t meant that the collection has failed if it happens outside the requested time slot on the day, but it does mean we will do everything we can to honour your request and make your life a little easier.

Do you have any collection time tips you would like to share with us? Tell us where you live (post code) and what time your courier collects, below…

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