Navigating Large & Heavy Shipping 

Sending a large and heavy package, internationally or locally is as easy as sending any other package, with a few minor variations. With ParcelHero, anything over 25kg is considered a Large and Heavy package and is automatically upgraded to this service; this applies to both importing and exporting services. Prices start at £24.75 for large and heavy shipments up to 50kg.

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Our large & heavy package delivery services are provided by our expert courier partners, including DHL, UPS and TNT, but up to 60% cheaper than booking direct. Options include:

  • Express Oversize Shipment
  • Timed Delivery
  • Next Day
  • Economy
  • Pallet Delivery

We provide door-to-door collection and delivery to 220 countries worldwide. We also provide same day collection for any item under 50kg in weight, or a next day delivery service for items over 50kg (please book 24 hours in advance of pickup). Use our Instant Quote booking tool and find the quickest and cheapest shipping prices available.

One minor difference for large deliveries over smaller shipments is that you must provide adequate support for the loading of your package into the transport vehicle. The package must also be accessible to the delivery driver, and not tucked away somewhere on your premises. If you require specialist equipment, like a tail lift, then please contact our customer care team in advance to make this happen.

packaging-tapeGetting Everything Ready
Now that you have selected your service you will need to package the item correctly and attach your automatically provided shipping label (and customs documents for international shipments outside of the EU) to the outer packaging of your parcel. A spare set should also be included on the inside, just in case.

Remember, a parcel should be able withstand a drop from waist height if you have abided by the correct packaging guidelines:

  • Choose a new box to transport your item in. This will provide the maximum amount of protection.
  • Place the items inside the box, but without touching the inner walls. Use packaging chips or bubble wrap to then fill in any leftover space to stop the items moving around during transit.
  • All items inside the box should be wrapped individually. If you are sending precious items then you should use a ‘two box’ method. This involves placing the precious items inside an internal box to then be placed inside a second, outer box, to provide extra cushioning.
  • Reinforce any hinges and flaps with strong packaging tape for added protection. This is particularly important if you are using an old box. The box should feel self-supporting when you lift it.
  • Remove any unused bar codes or address labels to ensure shipping staff are not confused by which barcode to scan or label to check.
  • Spread the weight out evenly within the package. See our box strength guidelines for further details.

If this is the first time shipping an item then please read our packaging page for further instructions on packaging your item correctly.

If your package is over 50kg in weight we highly recommend you use our Pallet delivery service. You will need to use shrink-wrapping materials on all packages sent via pallet delivery. If you are booking an international pallet delivery to Australia then you will need to provide a fumigated pallet.  Not everything can be sent by courier – check our compensation-exclusion list for further details.

Shipping 2Size & Weight Restrictions
When shipping a large and heavy item you need to abide by certain size and weight shipping restrictions. You will need to provide accurate size and weight details during the booking process to ensure adequate space is provided on the transport vehicle. If you mistakenly provide the wrong size and weight dimensions then you may be subject to additional fees and surcharges – so get this bit right.

Maximum size restrictions:

  • Max Length: 270cm
  • Max 2nd longest dimension: 100cm

Maximum weight restrictions:

  • Max weight of a single package: 1,000kg
  • Max total weight for a multi-piece shipment: 10,000kg

When shipping any package, understanding Volumetric Weight can save you money. When booking a delivery, you are essentially booking space on the transport vehicle. In short, the smaller and lighter your package is (packaging included), the cheaper it’s going to be. The bigger an item is, the more room it will take up on a vehicle or aircraft and the final price will be taking this into consideration. This even applies if you are sending a large but light item, the price will be based on the size rather than the weight – whatever is the greater. In short, don’t pay for air.

This is how you calculate Volumetric Weight:

Most couriers use a volumetric weight divisor of 5,000 (or 4000 for EU courier services) if you are using centimetres in order to calculate the total volumetric weight. So, if a parcel has a width of 40cm, a height of 50cm and a length of 60cm, the calculation is 40 x 50 x 60 = 120,000. This is then divided by 5000 and that gives you a volumetric weight of 24kg. To reduce your volumetric weight, use a box that properly fits your item. Using an oversized box can increase your delivery cost. Calculate your volumetric weight here by using the ParcelHero calculator.

Tracking your shipment
Booking with ParcelHero® entitles you to the industry’s leading couriers, at a fraction of the price. This means you have access to world leading parcel tracking technology, and this, combined with our very own Real-Time parcel tracking ensures you can keep tgrack of your parcel from door to door. When shipping internationally, you will receive a notification when your parcel passes through customs . This will also keep you up-to-date of any problems or delays – all accessible via our online parcel tracking portal.

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