Navigating Remote Area Surcharges

You are booking a delivery service and a remote area surcharge is applied: Here is a ParcelHero guide explaining what, how and why a remote area surcharge is all about.

What is a remote area surcharge?
A remote area surcharge is an additional fee applied by all courier services for bookings made to and from remote locations. A remote location is defined by the distance of the address from the nearest delivery depot, which depends on what courier you select. However, all couriers consider offshore locations, such as the Isle of Wight or the Scottish Island of Stornaway, as remote.

Is this fee charged by ParcelHero?
No. This fee is charged by our courier partners and is automatically added to your Instant Quote final booking price. The fee is calculated by applying £0.40 per kg to the total distance needed to travel, or the standard remote area fee of £16.65 – whichever is the greater.

The fee is applied if:

  • The location is difficult to service
  • The suburb or town is distant, inaccessible or infrequently serviced
  • The location is defined as an island or highlands

Is my location remote?
ParcelHero works with the industries’ leading courier groups who have the most developed UK and international delivery networks. This means that we can keep the amount of destinations defined as ‘remote’ to an absolute minimum. Obviously, some locations are more remote than others, like some communities in Ireland. There are two different types of remote location. Those that are deemed as ‘Extended areas’ and those that deemed as ‘Remote areas’. The following surcharges are applied to either:

  • Extended areas – £16.65 or £0.40 per kg, whichever is greater.
  • Remote areas – £16.65 or £0.40 per kg, whichever is greater.

Your delivery location is automatically deemed as remote if you live in a location like the Shetland Islands, or the highlands of Scotland. Off-shore locations in particular are notoriously difficult to deliver to and delivery times for either pickup or delivery will be extended. You will be given an estimated time of arrival when you enter your postcode into our Instant Quote booking form, with the additional surcharge applied.

Only Timed deliveries to remote locations are guaranteed, but not all remote areas will have timed deliveries available. To find out if your location is classed as remote, here is an example of the DHL Remote Areas list.

Any of our 220 international delivery destinations may contain remote areas, especially in vast countries like Russia. If you are sending a time-sensitive booking, it is recommended you cater for extended delivery times and deadlines. You can also contact our customer services team if you need further help. More info on remote area surcharges.

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