What Can You Send & Not Send Via Courier?

If you are a small business or customer who is shipping abroad for the first time, you’ll want to know what can and can’t be sent by courier. For instance, couriers do not ship white goods like washing machines or dishwashers unless they are properly palletised and packaged. We also recommend avoiding sending fragile items like ceramic or glass goods unless properly packaged. It’s worth noting that these items typically fall under the compensation exclusions list and are not covered under insurance policies if damage occurs.

Important Things to Know Before You Ship Via Courier

  • Courier Services vs. Removal Services
  • Shipping Dangerous Goods
  • What You Can’t Send Via Courier
  • Additional Guides

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Courier Services vs. Removal Services

Courier services differ from removal services. While you can ship up to 1000kg of combined weight with leading carriers like UPS and DHL, these services are probably not appropriate for house removals as each item over 50kg needs to be palletised and shrink-wrapped. But this fundamentally depends on what you are moving. Regardless, the goods must also be strapped down to ensure they do not move during transit.

If you need to send multiple large or heavy parcels then it is best to use our Pallet courier service. This can be cost-effective when customers need to send multiple packages to the same address instead of sending them individually.

Most items you can be sent with a courier as long as it is properly packaged with the correct paperwork for customs, which is automatically provided by ParcelHero.

Parcelhero Tip: If you need to take out enhanced cover for your item, and it’s listed on the compensation exclusion list then please email photos of how your item is packaged (both internally and externally) to our customer care team who can assess whether the packaging is sufficient for your item, and if so, approve the enhanced cover for your shipment. It’s important to remember that goods will be handled at multiple points during their journey. We cannot stress how important packaging is to ensure that damage is minimised. See our tips on how to package a parcel.

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Shipping Dangerous Goods

Some goods are simply too dangerous to ship with a courier and won’t be accepted, and this includes some house hold goods like bleach, aerosols, perfumes and more. Not all carriers offer a Dangerous Goods service, but we advise on what is considered dangerous shipping or hazardous goods. We use the IATA governing body, who oversee most international couriers, to source our information to help you prepare your shipment for international shipments.

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List of Prohibited Goods

Most senders will be aware that animal products like skins, furs and horn products (i.e. Ivory) are prohibited items and cannot be shipped. Other goods like aerosol cans/sprays, alcohol, car batteries, explosives, firearms or weapons (swords, knives chainsaws, etc) are all examples of prohibited items.

Besides IATA restricted goods you cannot ship:

Aerosols Dairy Furs Ivory Home_cooked_food Live_animals Money              Aerosols       Dairy           Furs            Ivory       Fresh Food     Animals        Cash 

   Nail_varnish Perfume_aftershave Plants Tobacco Seeds

      Nail Varnish             Perfume                  Plants                  Tobacco               Seeds 

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