How to Send A Document Abroad

Sending documents abroad may seem archaic in the age of emails, but in many situations, it is simply necessary to have a solid document to sign or amend. If a document is important enough that it needs to be physically present, it is equally important to have that document arrive safely and quickly.

One factor that makes shipping documents abroad simple is that in most nations, documents can pass straight through customs. With most other parcels, your customs paperwork will have to go into great detail about the contents of your package. This can take some time and it can often be difficult to find out all the information that you need.

Before you go through the process of sending a document, ensure that you cannot scan your documents and send them via email. Often, a phone call to the recipient could allow you to resolve the need for a document with a scanner. Sometimes it will not be possible to scan a document (often for legal or security reasons), at times like this, ParcelHero are ready to ship your important documents.

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Documents ready to send

How to Send Spousal Visa Documents

  1. Find the right envelope or box for your documents
  2. Measure the Weight, Length, Height and Width of your parcel
  3. Enter your parcel details into the booking system
  4. Choose the delivery service that you want (we suggest the fastest service)
  5. Clearly describe what the contents of the parcel are when prompted
  6. Choose to add insurance to the shipment
  7. Print off the shipping documents we provide you with and securely attach them to your parcel

One of the most frequent uses ParcelHero to send documents around the world is for visa applications. UK Spousal visa applications require much paperwork to be completed, this includes forms, evidence or a relationship and other supporting evidence.

For many non-UK citizens around the world the only option they have is to send documents from the country they are currently residing in to the UK. These documents are often a culmination of many months work and are incredibly valuable to those involved. It is vital that these documents are completed correctly, it is also vital that these documents arrive at their destination within the allotted timeframe and have a guaranteed delivery.

Sending Documents by Courier

Delivered Documents

With any delivery that you book through ParcelHero, we offer a range of delivery options. You choose from a detailed list from the world’s finest couriers. Some couriers are able to deliver to certain destinations more quickly than others while others offer a cheaper service. When you send important documents, it is important to have full control of your shipment, which is why we give you every option so you can make the best choice.

ParcelHero offers you £50 free cover on any shipment you make with us(excluding Hermes shipments), with the option to increase your insurance amount. This helps to ensure that your documents will arrive safely no matter what.

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