Try This Luggage Shipping Hack to Save Money When You Next Fly

The cost of flying has dramatically decreased in recent years and has allowed many more people to explore the world. While flight prices have lowered, the airlines have found other ways to make money from passengers. Excess luggage fees are imposed on people whose luggage is over the weight or size limit set out by the airline. These fees can often greatly inflate the original ticket price and render any savings useless. Learn how you can ship your luggage around the world and save money.

One of the most satisfying online experiences is finding cheap flights, you know you have found a bargain and you’re excited to go on your adventure. But once you have started the booking process, your cheap find quickly starts becoming more expensive. Soon after choosing your flight, you are faced with choosing what amount of luggage to take with you. Generally, having a bag for check-in will cost you around £40 on top of the flight price.

luggage being loaded onto a plane

Once you arrive at the airport, you must have your bags weighed. It is, an unfortunately frequent occurrence that your carefully packed bags have been overfilled and are slightly overweight. Now the stressed-out scramble on the airport floor can begin as you tear through your possessions; rooting out anything that is not necessary or items that can fit into your carry-on.

If you can’t swap items from your check-in to your carry-on then you may be left with the situation where you need to buy extra kilograms for you check-in luggage. This is where the costs really start to rise. Let’s have a quick look at the excess baggage fees from some of the major airlines from around the world:


Excess Luggage Fees Explained


Coupled with the sometimes-huge costs, another drawback with your luggage and flying is that it can get lost. In 2014, over 24 million bags were lost by airlines worldwide, due to the increased accessibility to cheap flights in the past few years we can safely presume that that number has risen quite a lot. It will not be a shock if your bag was one of the many unfortunate ones.

Don't lose you luggage any longer

Long journeys where you must lay-over and change flight tend to be the trips where bags and suitcases will disappear. If it is not bad enough that you must suffer the stress of not knowing where your possessions are, finding the luggage and having it sent to you or somewhere where you can collect it will pile even more worry onto your shoulders.

But there is another way. By booking a courier to ship your luggage, you can have your luggage waiting for you when you arrive at your destination. ParcelHero in particular have an advanced parcel tracking system, so you can see exactly where your luggage is in the world at any given time.

We use only the best international couriers who use the most advanced technology, to ensure your luggage is taken care of every step of the way. This means you can relax and know for sure that your bags are in safe hands.

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