How Can Sustainable Packaging Prevent Waste?

Sustainable Packaging and Courier Services

Sustainable packaging is slowly finding it’s ways onto the shelves of your local supermarket; we ask if biodegradable, compostable and recycle-friendly materials are available to package your items today. The steps below detail the key steps to transform your company or personal shipping into a sustainable process.

How to Choose Sustainable Packaging

  • Cut down on over packaging
  • Use sustainable packaging materials such as Mushroom Packaging whenever possible
  • Recycling used packaging material with household items

sustainable packaging

Today, eCommerce makes up over 15% of all UK retail sales and retail giants like Amazon are sending out thousands of packages each day. Couriers like ParcelHero ship thousands of parcels every week. It is important to spare a thought for the environmental impact that poorly packaged items can have. It is common to find that when your box is delivered, there may be 1 or even 2 more boxes inside of the main box. This is called the Russian doll approach is generally caused through complete adoption of automated packaging and delivery systems.

This approach is certainly wasteful, but using polystyrene packaging peanuts also hurts the environment as it is estimated that they take around a million years to fully break down and degrade. If you want to help your company be more sustainability minded, a good place to start is to reduce the amount of packaging you use when shipping out to your customers.

Eco-Friendly Packaging

Eco-friendly packaging is one of the best solutions to eliminating material waste in both the shipping and eCommerce industries. Many packaging boxes that are used to send items domestically and internationally can already be recycled as they are made from cardboard. Unfortunately this does not guarantee that the box will be reused or find its way to the recycling bin. For true sustainability, it is important that people understand that Eco friendly packaging materials should not be sent to a landfill. This can be achieved by labeling above bins and recycling points and general meetings.

Over recent years giant leaps in green innovation have transformed the food industry (among others), and packaging is on its way to doing the same. One sustainable company in particular stand out in their efforts to combat waste and make the packaging industry more sustainable at every level. They are Ecovative, and specialise in providing Eco friendly packaging materials that are made from one of nature’s finest food sources.

Mushrooms may not be the most obvious ingredient for sustainable shipping packaging, but Ecovative have multiple clients that feature in the Fortune 500 who will attest to the greatness of the material Ecovative produce. Their main focus as a company is on Mushroom Packaging, this is a substance that mimics Styrofoam but is completely green and helps to save the environment. Dell use this sustainable product to protect their 200lb servers during the delivery process.

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Biodegradable Packaging Design

Biodegradable Packaging Design

A major issue that many environmentalists have with standard shipping material is the process involved in creating it. Most material made from plastics or other unnatural sources use up much energy when they are being made.

One of our partner couriers, MyHermes are the world’s first brand to offer a solution to using the standard plastic padded envelopes or plastic jiffy bags. These innovative mailing bags are set to become the first of many sustainable packaging products that will help transform the world.

Green Packaging

Another fantastic way that you can do your bit to help prevent waste and help lessen the impact of the typically wasteful courier service industry is to reuse. Sometimes a delivery company will send you goods and they will arrive covered with packaging material, which is normally polystyrene packaging chips. This material takes a long time to breakdown and is considered to be one of the least eco-friendly packaging technologies around. While it is both cost effective and efficient to reuse polystyrene packaging chips in any deliveries you book, why not reuse them in your home?

If you have large plants in your home you will know that sitting in stagnant water is terrible for the plant’s health. Generally drainage systems for potted plants include pebbles and shards of ceramic to prevent the soil from washing away. Polystyrene chips are ideal to help any plant drainage, they are super absorbent and using them reduces the waste from your deliveries.

Let us know if you have any tips on reusing packaging materials and we’ll feature them in this post.

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