Traveling Abroad? These Are Our Favourite Suitcases of 2017

One of the most important aspects of travelling abroad is ensuring that your luggage safely arrives to the location. Once you have decided on the best way to ship your luggage to your destination, the next most important factor is choosing the right suitcase to pack your possessions into. We have compiled a list of the best suitcases you can buy today.


Best Suitcase for Luxury Travellers:


Louis Vuitton HORIZON 55

Louis Vuitton Suitcase

When it comes to luxury travel accessories the standard will always be set by this prestigious brand. Their iconic aesthetic is matched only by the quality of Louis Vuitton. This beautiful luggage is now extremely light which gives it more practicality than its predecessors.

One key feature of this suitcase is the stylish TSA lock found on the side. Unlike most pieces of luggage, this is a discreet lock which keeps the zip firmly locked into place. Once you enter your chosen code, the zip is freed enabling you to gain access.

You can expect to pay around: £2,000


Best Suitcase for Budget Travellers:


Linea Wave

Budget Suitcase for traveling

On the lower end of the price spectrum, we have the simply, yet stylish Linea Wave. While it costs a meagre £50, it looks like a more expensive suitcase and has the quality to last any number of trips. The ridge design does not exist simply to look good, it helps buffer the luggage.

The four wheels found on the bottom of the case enable it to be easily manoeuvred along with the retractable handle. All in all, this is fantastic value for money.

You can expect to pay around: £50


Best Suitcase for Practical Travellers



Antler Pluto


Antler is the go-to brand for the perfect balance between quality and price. Featuring all the aspects of design that you would expect in today’s competitive luggage market, the Pluto’s sleek design helps it shine.

Featuring a solid shell made from ABS your luggage will be safe no matter how you chose to ship it. This luggage also has a Transportation Security Administration combination lock which maximises security once your package has been safely delivered. To make packing easier, inside pockets allow for concise packing.

You can expect to pay around: £160


Best Suitcase for Smart Travellers



Raden a28 Check

Smart Suitcase Raden Check


This is the smartest and most beautiful piece of luggage we have ever seen. From the incredibly stylish and sleek exterior design, to the onboard tech, this is everything a smart suitcase should be.  It is ultra light and when paired with the Raden app, it is a genuinely useful travel companion.

It features a handle that weighs your luggage, onboard USB ports to charge your electrical items and all this can come in a wide array of colours. The Raden app allows you to check the location of your luggage in real time, tell you estimated time of arrival and chat to Raden support should you need.

Simply the best luggage you can buy.

You can expect to pay around: £300


Now you have spent your hard earned pay on a great suitcase, you must make sure that your valuables arrive safely to their destination. Most people don’t think twice about checking in their luggage and having it travel in the plane with whatever other luggage happens to be there as well. This is dangerous as it can get easily damaged, misplaced or forgotten. Why take that risk? Shipping your luggage separately gives you less worry, more control and more chance of a stress free journey. Read our guide to shipping luggage and see for yourself just how easy it is.

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