Will Your Business Survive Brexit?

We hosted a free webinar highlighting how Brexit is likely to affect importing and exporting in the post-Brexit world and what you can do to prepare. Full video of this webinar can be found below.

“Brexit means Brexit” says the Government. But what exactly does that mean, and what could it mean for UK businesses?

Our resident expert David Jinks MILT, ParcelHero’s Head of Consumer Research and former Editor of Logistics & Transport Focus, invites you to join our Brexit-busting webinar. David will give you a comprehensive overview of the post-Brexit world that looms on the horizon. David is joined by ParcelHero’s European sales expert Lyndsay Harrison for a Q&A answering your Brexit concerns.

ParcelHero exports to 220 countries across the globe, inside or outside the European Union. In this information packed webinar David Jinks shares ParcelHero’s top tips to speed up potential border delays and avoid steep new tariffs.

Discover what Brexit could mean in practice, from the softest boiled of Brexits to trading under WTO rules. ParcelHero’s Brexit work-arounds could help your business survive Britain’s withdrawal from the EU, including the Single Market and the Customs Union.


Watch Now to Learn About the Following:


  • Preparing for a hard Brexit: from EORI Numbers to HS Codes
  • Brexit for exporters – the ‘get-arounds’
  • Zero heroes: Which products attract no duties going into the EU?
  • VAT – a taxing problem: Preparing for potential taxes at borders
  • Speeding up Customs Invoices
  • Conquering carnets
  • Deferred payments: delaying duty and import payments
  • Paying duties in advance: Don’t let your customers pick up the tab
  • Beyond the EU: the USA, BRICS and a Commonwealth of opportunities
  • Should you pull up the drawbridge or seek out new opportunities?


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