How to Ship Shoes

How do You Ship Shoes?

Selling and shipping your clothing online has become increasingly popular as apps like Depop and Instagram have made it easier for sellers to reach large audiences. One of the most popular types of clothing that is shipped today is footwear. Due to the fact that shoes are normally stored in shoeboxes, shipping them is generally easy. Follow our guide below to learn how to package and ship shoes correctly.

What Materials You Need to Package Shoes:


Bubble Wrap
Polystyrene Chips
New Box





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Shipped trainers

How to Package Your Shoes:

  1. Start by having a look at your shoes and taking the time to clean them. The person that you are sending them to will want them looking in the best condition possible.
  2. If you are shipping (non-suede) trainers or leather shoes/boots, use baby wipes to clean them. If you are shipping suede footwear, take the time to lightly brush them to remove any scuff marks. Also, if the sole is removeable, take it out and use a lint roller to remove any debris from inside the shoe.
  3. Use a toothbrush to scrub the sole of the shoe, this prevents any dirt from moving around during transit and staining the shoes any further.
  4. For some shoes, it is important to prevent them moving around or making contact with each other. If the footwear that you are sending has embellishments such as buckles, pronounced lace eyes or sharp heels it is wise to cover them in bubble wrap. This prevents them from making contact and damaging each other. If the footwear you are sending is valuable, it is worth covering them in bubble wrap also. This ensures that they will not develop any blemishes by moving about the box.
  5. Take a picture of your packaged footwear, this can be used as proof of good packaging in the event of an insurance claim.
  6. When it comes to boxing your items, it is always best to use the original shoebox that they came in when you bought them. The box was designed to house them and is often the perfect size to fit into another box. If you cannot find the original box then find the smallest box that will fit the shoes inside without forcing them, but also fit inside a larger shipping box. Whatever you do, do not just ship your shoes in the original box alone.
  7. Once you have placed your shoes inside the smaller box, pour a layer of packaging peanuts or packaging paper into the larger box. Place the shoebox inside and place more packaging materials inside to keep the shoebox from moving around.
  8. Hold the shipping box closed and give it a good shake, if you can hear movement, place more packaging materials inside until there is no sound when you shake the box.
  9. Seal the box with packaging tape, take your time to keep the tape neat so it looks professional and is easy to open when it arrives.
  10. Weigh and measure your parcel and enter these details plus your collection and destination addresses at
  11. Print out your postage labels, attach them to your parcel and await collection.

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