Pack Anything: Shipping Laptop Computers

Shipping laptops is easy. Whether you are sending a second hand laptop to its new owner or shipping one for repair, the process is fast, simple and effective – regardless of size. Included in this guide is everything you need to make sure your computer reaches its destination safely.

globe  Packaging time: 15 minutes

New_boxPackaging materials

Scirrors      Bubble_wrap     Packaging_tape     Packaging_chips      Corner_protectors    New_box

 Scissors            Bubble Wrap             Tape                  P. Chips       Corner Protectors    New Box 

Note: Please place your laptop in an anti-static, air -tight bag when shipping. Any static discharges (which can be caused by movement/friction) will damage the laptop. Also, an air tight bag is recommended to keep your laptop safe from any water damage or damp.

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Step 1: Support the seams and edges of your new box with two layers of packaging tape. This will help keep it secure.

Step 2: Layer the bottom of your box in 2 inches of bubble wrap or packaging chips to create a bed for your laptop to rest on.

Step 3: Seal the laptop in an anti-static and air-tight bag and then wrap it in two inches of bubble wrap. Secure with plenty of packaging tape to make a tight package. Now add your corner protectors.

Step 4: Place the laptop in the box and surround it in 2 inches of bubble wrap or packaging chips. The laptop should not be able to touch any of the inner walls of the box, and should be completely still.

Step 5: Take the laptop charger and wrap it separately in bubble wrap and secure with packaging tape. Place this on top of a laptop or to the side, making sure that it cannot move or touch the laptop inside. A spare piece of cardboard can be used to partition the box and create a pocket for the charger.

Step 6: Secure the box with plenty of packaging tape. Run three layers of tape down the main flaps of the box and then again in a cross pattern.

globe  Shipping internationally? View a guide

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