Pack Anything: Shipping Mobile Phones

As more of us send mobile phones via a courier every year, understanding how to package and ship them is essential. Whether you are sending one to its new owner or back to the shop for repair, here is everything you need to know to get it there safely and securely.

globe  Packaging Time: 10 Minutes

New_boxWhat Do You Need to Package a Mobile Phone?

Bubble Wrap
P. Chips
New Box

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globe   How to Package a Mobile Phone

Step 1: Take the original box the phone was delivered in and re-pack your mobile phone. If you don’t have this, wrap the phone in 2cm of bubble wrap and find a similar shaped box. Secure the box with plenty of tape along all of its seams and flaps. You will need a second, slightly larger box to place your phone into.

Step 2:  Layer the bottom of your larger box in 2 inches of bubble wrap or packaging chips to create a bed for your phone box to rest on.

Step 3: Fill in any remaining space around the phone box with packaging chips and ensure it cannot touch the inner walls of the outer box. Give it a shake, it should not be able to move.

Step 4: Take the phone charger and wrap it separately in bubble wrap and secure with packaging tape. Place with the phone box inside (if not already back inside the original phone box packaging).

Step 5: Secure the box with plenty of packaging tape. Run three layers of tape down the main flaps of the box and then again in a cross pattern.

We spoke to the experts at Second Hand Phones to get the inside tips on how to safely ship a mobile phone:

• Point out any issues to the delivery driver and have these noted on the PDA before signing.

• We inspect every delivery we receive in front of the courier on our trade counter. This area has full CCTV coverage and it’s not until our ‘goods in’ team are satisfied that we will sign for the delivery. So make sure that any mobile phone that you send is well packaged.• Ensure that the way a mobile phone is packaged is in compliance with the courier’s guidelines. Certain companies specify that mobile phones should be wrapped in bubble wrap at least 1cm thick and in a securely sealed rigid cardboard box. Not only does this ensure you are giving your phone the best possible chance of arriving without any issues, but in the rare event a claim for damage is needed, then the packaging will comply with their guidelines.

• Keep a note of the IMEI of the handset you’ve sold in the event your customer does need to return their purchase, this will ensure a return goes smoothly and peace of mind that you’ve received the correct item. Honest mix-ups can happen, but so can dishonest mixups.

• It’s worth remembering that a phone will more than likely need a full charge after being in transit. Even if the delivery is next day, the handset will have been stored overnight so advise your recipient to give it a full charge upon receipt.

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