Pack Anything: Sending Framed Art

The process of sending art with a courier is a quick and easy. The most important factor when shipping art prints or framed art is packaging it well enough so it will arrive at its destination as you intended. Thankfully, this is easy – just follow this guide; perfect for eBay sellers, art curators and general collectors.

Packaging time: 20 minutes

Packaging materials

  • Bubble wrap (enough to wrap it twice and then create some corner protectors with).
  • Art tape
  • A new double (or triple) corrugated box
  • Acid-free packaging paper
  • Loose fill (shredded straw)
  • Two pieces of plywood (0.5cm thick)
  • Shipping labels (automatically provided by ParcelHero)
  • Scissors

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The aim: The main objective with sending your art in a cardboard box is packaging it enough to create a 12cm protective bubble. This will enable your box to withstand being stacked as well as general transit vibrations, tremors and shocks.

How to package and ship Art

Step 1: Clean the glass panel on the frame (skip this step if there is no glass panel). You will then need to wrap the entire artwork and frame in two layers of acid-free wrapping paper and tape down any loose edges. This will help reduce any smudges appearing or marks.

Step 2: Wrap the package in bubble wrap and make sure it is at least 6cm deep. Do this first vertically and then horizontally, using plenty of packaging tape to keep it secure. This will act as your primary packaging.

Step 3: If you have corner protectors, now is the time to attach them to each corner. If you do not have any corner protectors, then you will need to make them. You can do this with cardboard – just cut to shape and then wrap a thick piece around each edge of the frame

Step 4: Secure two pieces of plywood (0.5cm thick) to either side of the art piece using packaging tape to secure them. These will add structural support to the weakest areas of the painting while it is in transit. Please ensure you cut the plywood so that it’s larger than the artwork as this will help protect the corners of the box.

Step 5: Layer the bottom of your box with loose fill straw and then place the goods inside. Fill the remaining space around the art piece with loose fill straw to ensure your goods cannot move around within the box, or touch the inner walls. This is very important to keep your package safe when in transit.

Step 6: Seal the box with strong packaging tape. You can use reinforced parcel tape if you are worried about the box bursting open in transit. Make sure you wrap the parcel 3 times in both directions like a gift and you should also secure of the box with packaging tape to give it maximum structural support.

Step 7: Now you just need to clearly label your box with the provided labels and you are ready for shipping.

Insure your Art for shipping

Most couriers tend to be hesitant when insuring Art. This is due to it being classified as a fragile object. If you do wish to insure your Art with ParcelHero, you will need to send photos of the shipment packaging before it is shipped. We can then determine if the packaging is suitable for your artwork to travel via a courier network and offer you insurance if it is, or provide further guidance on how to package it better, if it isn’t.

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