Send Anything: How to Cheaply Ship Your Band’s Equipment Around the UK

With Independent Venue Week in full flow, we decided it would be prudent to highlight the trauma of band logistics and present a reasonable solution. ParcelHero is the UKs leading cheap shipping company and can have your gear arrive in one piece with our cheap next day delivery. For many a band on the brink of a tour, a last-minute scramble to find a suitable minibus or people carrier takes place and some unlucky vehicle is chosen as the Watford Gap crusader.

What follows is a complicated game of Tetris as the band stack amplifiers, keys, pedals and drummers into the back of some unassuming van. Whilst this state of affairs is an accepted part of life on the road for a band not yet hitting their mid-20s, it become far more of a chore the older you get. Read on to save your composure…and your back.

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Band and instruments in van

Sending your band equipment is the easy part, but packaging them is where the real challenge is. Good packaging means that your precious music making kit will arrive safe, sound and in one piece.


Sending Parcels Packaging Materials

What follows is a brief guide of how to pack an amplifier. Whether for a bass, guitar or keyboard; this little guide will help give you piece of mind as your speakers make the commute.


Bubble Wrap
Polystyrene Chips
New Box

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Polystyrene CHipsHow to Pack Your Band Equipment:

Step 1: If you have great taste, your amp will have a row of tubes located somewhere near the back (usually). In transit, these will get broken or damaged if left intact, so your first task is to access these tubes and gently remove them. They are usually located behind the back panel of your amplifier.

Step 2: Next wrap each of the tubes in bubble wrap. We suggest wrapping each one individually, and don’t spare the bubbles. Even if it seems wasteful, being overzealous with the packaging materials now will save you heartbreak later.

Step 3: Layer a small box with polystyrene chips and place your bubble wrapped tubes inside. Add more chips until the box is full and when shaken, you hear no sound. Use packaging tape to secure the box.

Step 4: Grab an elastic band or a shoelace and tie your power cable together in a bunch to prevent it from moving about too much during transit. Wrap the cable in newspapers and place it inside the back of your amp. Place a small sheet of cardboard between the lead and any components to avoid damage.

Step 5: Fill the back of the amp with newspaper and wrap the whole unit in a sheet of plastic. If you don’t have a large sheet of plastic, just find some way of covering the amplifier. This prevents polystyrene chips from gaining entry to your precious cargo.

Step 6: Grab the big box that your amp will go inside and layer sheets of Styrofoam in the bottom, if you don’t have any lying around simply put down a layer of packaging chips instead.

Step 7: Fill the box with packaging chips, be generous as this is your main source of protection against damages.

Step 8: Make sure that your amplifier is packaged as tightly as possible and tape it up.


Follow this practice for you amp and any other miscellaneous gear you want to send, for more detailed advice on shipping music gear, read the following:  How to Send Your Guitar & How to Send Your Keyboard.


sHIPPING lABELSending Your Band Equipment

Band with well-shipped amplifiers

Once your equipment is packaged it is time to book your collection. ParcelHero gives you plenty of options to ensure that you get the delivery that fits in best with your schedule. Have a browse of the options available before making your decision.


Step 1: First of all, measure and weigh the box or boxes in question and note down the Width, Height, Length and weight. Enter these details on the booking screen along with postcodes.

Step 2: Next, choose what insurance you would like on your amp. Bear in mind that ParcelHero offer £50 free cover (excluding Hermes shipments).

Step 3: Finally, click the delivery option that you have chosen and await pickup. You will be given a tracking code so that you can view the progress of your gear.



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