Send Anything: How to Ship an iPhone

Whether you are sending your iPhone to its new owner or sending it to be valued, it is vital to ensure that your expensive tech gets to its destination in one piece. At ParcelHero we want to help you find the practical advice that you need to send your parcels safely and correctly. Follow the guide below to give your phone the protection it needs on its onward journey.

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Packaging iPhone

Sending Parcels Packaging Materials

Many people decide to ship their iPhones in padded envelopes with little more protection than the light bubble wrap that is found on the envelope. This is not a great idea and will likely result in your phone reaching its destination with at the very least, a shattered screen.

Bubble Wrap
Polystyrene Chips
New Box

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Polystyrene CHipsHow to Pack an iPhone:

Step 1: The best way to package your iPhone is by simply placing it in the original box the phone came in. The reason being that it was custom designed for that specific phone and will give it the best protection. Once it is in its original box, tape up that box to make sure that it won’t open during transit. Next, wrap the box in bubble wrap and secure it with tape.
If you do not have the original box, then your first step will be to securely wrap your phone in bubble wrap.

Step 2: Find yourself a box that will fit the original iPhone box or the bubble-wrapped iPhone. You want a box that is big enough to fit the iPhone and a good amount of polystyrene chips, but not too big so the phone can move about and potentially get damaged.

Step 3: Fill your box with polystyrene chips, if you don’t have access to these, then you can use newspaper, packaging paper, or sheets of bubble wrap.

Step 4: Place your packaged iPhone on top of the soft material that you have chosen to fill your box with. Gently push the phone down so the packaging material surrounds it and keeps it fixed in protective layers. Place more chips or other packaging material on top and tape the box shut. When you have finished taping up the box, give it a shake. You should not be able to hear any sound as you shake it, this means that the iPhone is as secure as possible and packaged well.

Tip: When taping up a box; use one big strip of tape to go along the seam, and use smaller strips of tape to stick the exposed sides of the lid down over the ends of the big strip of tape

sHIPPING lABELSending Your Old iPhone

Packed iPhone

Now you have packaged your iPhone, you must prepare your package for postage.

Step 1: Once your iPhone has been securely packaged, head over to a site like and input the weight and dimensions of your parcel. Once you have entered these details you will be asked to provide your content details and further information about your parcel and its contents. You will also be asked if you want to include insurance. ParcelHero offer £50 free cover (except on Hermes shipments), and you can choose to increase this limit if you wish.

Step 2: Enter your payment details and you will then be presented with your shipping label. A copy will also be sent to your email address.

Step 3: Print off your label and attach the correct part of it to your package. The label will clearly indicate what should be attached to the envelope and what should be kept for your records.

Step 4: If you have chosen to drop off your iPhone to a collection site, drop it off and sit back. Otherwise a courier will collect the package from you on the date that you specified.

Tip: With ParcelHero you can track your package in real time, so you always know where your iPhone is in the world.

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