How to Ship E-Cigarettes

The popularity of E-Cigarettes has grown and grown over the past few years, with this rise comes the need to ship e cigarettes from place to place. Chances are that someone in your family, workplace or on your commute will be seen vaping at some point today. A few years ago, seeing someone suck a pen could be considered pretty strange, but today it is commonplace.

Can I Ship My Vape?

As with any electronic device, it is important to ensure that you follow both national guidelines and courier rules for shipping. There have been a handful of reports in the media that vapes have a tendency to explode. While there have been a few isolated incidents where this has happened, it is not likely to take place. Exploding vapes are likely to be caused by the lithium ion batteries that are used to power them. Under the right conditions, Lithium batteries can explode or catch fire which is why strict guidelines must be followed during shipment.

Any item that contains lithium batteries faces specific regulations when it comes to shipping in general or transporting over a border. The key rule that you need to know when shipping your e-cigarette is to ensure that the batteries remain inside the vape and that the “trigger” or power button is secured in a way that makes sure that it cannot be turned on by accident.

Be aware that shipments of e-cigarettes and e-liquids can sometimes be subject to delay as customs authorities have been known to give such items additional security checks.

Can I Ship E-Liquid?


The nicotine potency of e-liquid can vary wildly, this fact means that it relies upon the regulations of the country that you are shipping to as to whether they accept your shipment. Each country tends to have its own laws regarding importing tobacco based on its strength. For instance, Portugal are likely to have a different set of  e-liquid / nicotine regulations than Australia.

If you plan on shipping e-liquid abroad, then be sure to thoroughly research the legality of doing so. Some customs unions may refuse e-liquid depending on its potency while some may require licenses or certificates. It is worth noting that if you are sending nicotine-free e-liquid, it is unlikely that you will experience any issues during shipping. If in doubt, contact our customer service team. 

How to Package an E-Cigarette

  1. First you must make sure that you have the packaging materials at hand.
  2. The most important packaging material to have is the vape’s original box, this helps to ensure that your item does not move around inside box during transit and get damaged.
  3. Find a second box that is large enough to house the original comfortably
  4. Place your e-cigarette inside the original box and hold it closed. Shake the box, if you can hear movement, wrap some bubblewrap around the vape until the box is silent when you shake it.
  5. Place a generous layer of packaging peanuts into the larger box and place the original vape box inside. Add more packaging peanuts until the box is tightly packed. Close the box and give it a good shake, if you can hear movement, add more packaging material until it is silent when you shake it.
  6. Use packaging tape to securely fasten the box.
  7. Now, weigh and measure your parcel. Enter the details into the ParcelHero booking system and choose the service & price that best suits you.

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