Shipping Fragile Items

The most important question you need to ask yourself about shipping fragile items is “do I really have to?” If you have other options for transporting your fragile items then it would normally be advisable to take that option. The shipping industry is fast paced and your parcel needs to be able to withstand anything that comes its way.

If you value the items you are sending then you must make sure that they are packaged to the point where you feel like it may be overpackaged. This is fundamentally important to shipping fragile items.

How to Package Fragile Items

  1. Collect all the materials you will need to package your item
  2. Carefully wrap your item in bubble wrap
  3. Layer the bottom of your box with packaging peanuts
  4. Place your item inside the box
  5. Fill up any empty space with newspaper, bubble wrap, foam or packaging peanuts
  6. Make sure the box is packed in tightly
  7. Seal up the box being generous with the tape


How to Securely Wrap Your Fragile Item

Well packaged fragile item

It is important that you use a new box when shipping items that are susceptible to breakage, a new box can withstand more pressure and is more likely to keep its contents safe during an impact. New boxes are stronger as they have not been shipped before meaning the box is more rigid and has not been squashed, opened and reopened or had water damage.

Bubble Wrap
Polystyrene Chips
New Box

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How to Make Sure Your Item Does Not Break During Shipping

Broken Parcel Fragile delivery

When it comes to shipping fragile items, it is vital that you give the item s much protection as possible. You can do this by wrapping your item in many layers of bubble wrap; start by wrapping the bubble wrap around the item once. Make sure that it is fully covered by the packaging material. It is now a case of wrapping more bubble wrap around the item until you cannot see the original colour of the item itself.

When it comes to placing your bubble wrapped item inside the box, be sure to put a good layer of packaging peanuts down initially. This ensures that your item has a safe base during shipment. Now that your fragile item is inside your box, fill the box with packaging material. Whether it is newspaper, packaging peanuts, foam or more bubble wrap, make sure that there is no extra space left in the box. You can check to make sure that you have sufficiently filled your box by holding the lid closed and shaking the box. If you hear movement, you need to add more packaging material. ParcelHero recommends two inches of packing material between the items and the walls of the box

How to Ship Fragile Items


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Once the box is fully packed up, it is time to seal it up. We recommend sealing your parcel by taping the top down in a “H” shape. To do this, simply lay a large piece of packaging tape over the main, central seam. Next, wrap large strips of tape around the sides of the box completing the “H” shape. Then wrap more tape from one corner to its opposite corner and repeat on the other side. By doing this, you should have a fully secured box that is ready for shipment.

If you choose to send your fragile item with a courier service, then ParcelHero should be your first port of call. With door to door tracking as standard, a best price guarantee and an easy booking process we have all the tools you need to have peace of mind. One important feature you need to have for your shipment is insurance. At ParcelHero, we offer £50 free cover on every delivery (except Hermes shipments), you can increase this amount to ensure that your fragile item will be covered should it get damaged or lost in transit. It is vital that you book insurance on your item as no matter how well you pack your parcel, accidents can happen.

If you need specific advice for your particular shipment then contact our knowledgeable customer service team. They will give you all the info that you need before you book your delivery.


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