Shipping Organs: How to Ship your Keyboard (or Synth)

Sometimes you have no option but to ship your beloved musical equipment across the country. Often this is not the ideal mode of transport for your keyboard or synthesizer, but following this guide will at least give you piece of mind when sending your keys.


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Unfortunately, unless you have the original packaging, it is unlikely that you will have the perfect sized box to ship your keyboard in. Due to the dimensions of these instruments you will be limited. We suggest going to your local music store and asking them if they have any leftover boxes that you could have. If this is not an option or your request was unsuccessful simply find some big boxes and cut them up so you can build your own box around your bubble wrapped keyboard. If possible, always double box your keyboard.


Bubble Wrap
Polystyrene Chips
Large Box

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Polystyrene CHipsHow to Pack Your Keyboard:

Step 1: The first step is to place bubble wrap beneath the keys on your keyboard.

Step 2: Wrap your keyboard or synth in bubble wrap. Always put as much bubble wrap on as you can, it may seem wasteful but in actual fact you are ensuring that your instrument will arrive to its location unscathed. We suggest completely wrapping your item in bubble wrap at least 2 times.

Step 3: Take extra care to cover the ends of the keyboard in bubble wrap as that is the area that will potentially receive most trauma on its journey. The best way to do this is to roll up a strip of bubble wrap until it resembles a rolled-up newspaper and securely stick one to each end of the keyboard.

Step 4: Stand you box up and cover the floor panel with polystyrene peanuts. Place your keyboard inside the box and fill up the box with as many peanuts as you can. If you do not have access to them, you can use packaging paper also.


sHIPPING lABELSending Your Keyboard



When it comes to choosing a method of delivery don’t panic. ParcelHero specialises in sending heavy parcels so we will give you the best possible shipping quote. Follow these simple steps to ensure that your shipping process is quick and painless.

Step 1: First, enter all the details about you parcel. You will have to include weight, height, length and width. Remember to measure these when the item is already packaged.

Step 2: Next, choose what insurance you want to add to your shipment. Chose the amount closest to the value of your keyboard. ParcelHero offer you a complimentary cover of up to £50 with every shipment (except Hermes shipments).

Step 3: Once you have paid for your shipment, print off the labels provided and attach them to your package, making sure that any bar codes or addresses are left fully visible.

Step 4: If you scheduled a pick up, simply wait for your courier to arrive and pick up your parcel. Otherwise, take your parcel to your chosen drop off point and enjoy the rest of your day.

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