How Can I Use an Amazon Locker?

Amazon market their lockers as a “self-service kiosk to collect your parcels,” so how do they work and what other non-delivery options are there?

How do I Use an Amazon Locker?

Using these lockers is easy. Simply proceed to checkout as you normally would on Amazon, and select all the options that you wish until you get to the “pick delivery method” section. Here on “select delivery address” choose dispatch to Amazon Locker. You will then be presented with a list of supermarkets & petrol stations etc. that you can collect your parcel from. Choose an Amazon locker that is most convenient for you, remember that you can collect near work as well as your home.

When your package has been delivered, simply walk up to the locker and activate the touch screen. Enter the unique code that Amazon have emailed you and the door to the compartment that houses your parcel will open, revealing your package.

What Other Non-Delivery Options Are There?

As you can see, this is a simple system that cuts out waiting for deliveries, missing deliveries and anxiety about where your parcel may be when you return home from work. Are there any other services apart from Amazon that can help you?

At ParcelHero, we offer numerous drop off services. This great feature enables you to enjoy the flexibility of collecting from an Amazon locker but when you send your items also. When booking these drop off services, you can also choose to have your item delivered to a drop off location. If that is something that you and your chosen recipient decide to do, then make sure that the delivery location that you choose is convenient for them.

UK Drop off location

Another benefit of booking a delivery using a drop off location is that it is a generally cheaper option than a more traditional door to door delivery. What more could you wish for, drop off deliveries save you both time and money.

Carriers that we work with who offer Drop off services include UPS, Hermes and DPD.

How do I Book a Drop Off Delivery?

Booking through ParcelHero is a simple process, first package your parcel. The best advice for doing this is to hold your box closed and shake it, if you can hear movement inside the box then add more shipping material to it until you can hear no noise. Once you have done this, securely fasten the box with packaging tape. Next weigh and measure your package.

The most sensible way to send a parcel through ParcelHero is to create an account with us before you begin. Once you have done that, enter your parcel and delivery details into the ParcelHero delivery system. You will then be presented with all the options that we can offer to deliver your parcel. On the left side of your screen (if you order on a computer) you will see a list of the drop off delivery options that we offer.

Choose the one that suits you best and follow the instructions we give you.

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