10 Gifts For A British Expat

You will rarely hear any expat complain about their lifestyle abroad.  If anything they will always encourage their family and friends that they too should follow them to their chosen destination. But of course when it comes to products and traditions, now that’s another story.  In that case most expats are continuously asking their friends and family to bring longed for items from “home” with them.  So if you have a relative abroad who is missing Britain, just a little bit, here are some great ideas to put a smile on their face.



This has to be top of the list.  Whether it’s PG tips, Typhoo or Earl-grey there is nothing like a good cuppa.  Everybody knows that tea is not just drink, it is a time of day, a ritual and is number one of English traditional drinks.

2. Matching Tea cosy and oven gloves

We mentioned above tea is a very much enjoyed moment, so keeping that pot warm with a fun or traditional cosy has to be mandatory.  After all who drinks just one cuppa at a time?  A matching oven glove is a must, especially for those that like to make home made goodies to accompany their tea.  Surprisingly oven gloves are not readily available outside of the UK.

3. Scones

Pronounce it as you wish, it’s still “delish”! Being a basic component of the cream tea or Devonshire tea, scones differ from anything you could make abroad because it is all about the flour and the butter, hence why they are “nothing” like the American ones.  Add some jam made with English strawberries and you are definitely on to a winner.

4. Christmas Stocking

Christmas is probably the time of year that can be the most emotional for an expat.  Often being away from extended, but no less important, family members.  There is nothing like surprising a loved one with a cute stocking at the end of the bed the second they wake up on Christmas Day.  Better still add a personalised advent calendar, filled with little trinkets that can comfort someone over the Christmas period.

Leeds, United Kingdom - April 22nd, 2015: Jar of Marmite, unopened on wooden table top. Slice of toast on a white plate in background. Marmite is a food paste, made from yeast extract and has a distinctive salty flavor.

5. Marmite

This one is a hit or miss but defiantly one that you could pop in that Christmas stocking, there is bound to be one member of the family that absolutely loves Marmite.  We know there is no in-between!

6. Mr.Men

Their is nothing like a good book, but these books are the best, no matter your age. Children books series by Roger Hargreaves English illustrator there is a book for everyone.  Try little Miss Chatterbox or Mr Lazy Slippers.

7.Harris Tweed

Whether you decide to purchase a full on traditional Harris Tweed Jacket or a Scarf, there is nothing like handwoven item made from pure virgin wool to make someone feel special.

boiled egg and brown toast

8. Egg, salt and soldiers holder

Eggs and soldiers for dipping are a breakfast favourite, no matter the age, no matter the mess. But this dinky will keep every component just where it should be and you can enjoy your egg as runny as you want.

9.Bio Oil

Bio Oil is what British consider to be the best skin product for scars, uneven skin tones and dehydrated skin. Perfect for those that love a little sun.

10. Piggy Bank

The Piggy Bank has been around since the 18th century.  Originally formed in clay then later in ceramic, as a penny bank.  Nowadays we even see Disney cartoon Piggy Banks. Whatever material or design you choose to purchase your Piggy Bank in, don’t forget to drop a penny in it for good luck!

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