Beat the Holiday Baggage Blues with ParcelHero

As the Great British summer getaway gathers pace, we can think of loads to reasons to send your luggage ahead by courier. Saving money, saving time and, following recent reports from Gatwick Airport, a supersize helping of holiday frustration.

The budget carriers will charge you checked luggage fees for anything other than hand-luggage, the bigger carriers are extremely restrictive, and no-one likes paying excess luggage charges. If you send your luggage ahead of you, its secure, you don’t have to lug it to the airport, you can save money and, my personal fave – you don’t have to spend half a lifetime waiting by the baggage carousel.

You don’t have to choose the best carrier for your luggage, ParcelHero’s clever technology does that for you. Just fill in our Quick Quote tool and select the delivery option, and price that suits you.

Is it safe to use a courier for my luggage?

Absolutely, transporting via courier is a secure means of shipping. It’s worth noting that the suitcase itself is classed as ‘external packaging’ to a courier, and you will not be able to claim for any damage that your luggage exterior may incur in transit.

How to organise a collection from your hotel?

If you are staying a hotel, then quickly check with the concierge or front desk staff to find out how they can assist you with shipping your luggage back home. Is there a collection point onsite? Will the hotel charge you for using this facility? Will the hotel staff be happy to contact you if there are any issue with the collection? If your collection fails, don’t just assume that the hotel staff will organise another collection automatically. Give them your contact details and ask them to call you if there are any problems with collection.

Make sure you can print your shipping documents

If you are booking from home before you go, no problem. If you are booking while away, your hotel should be happy to print your labels for you. Make sure that you place a copy of all shipping documents, including the customs invoice, inside the suitcase in case the shipping label comes off during transit.

Do I have to worry about Duty and VAT?

If you are shipping your luggage across the EU borders, you will be required to provide a customs invoice. ParcelHero will help with any customs paperwork you need. You will not have to worry about any additional charges as long as:

  • You are the owner of the goods in the suitcase and have personally owned and used the goods for at least 6 months.
  • You have complete a C3 form for customs clearance. (The receiver will be sent this when the goods arrive back into the UK).

Goods that can be declared as personal effects usually include, but are not limited to; personal clothing and footwear (but not fur apparel), souvenirs and grooming equipment (but not perfume or perfume concentrates). If any goods are deemed to be for commercial purposes, these will be subject to additional charges.

Where do I stick my labels?

Only attach your shipping documents on the body of the suitcase if it is a hard-case. If not affix the shipping documents to the luggage handle instead using a ‘documents enclosed pouch’ and affix the same way they do the luggage tags at the airport. Make sure that the barcoded label is on top, fully visible, and straight. Ensure that the barcode is not folded or creased in any way, as otherwise the courier will not be able to scan it.

Finally, don’t lock your suitcase!

This may seem like strange advice, but if you are shipping your luggage across EU borders, your luggage will be subject to customs clearance and inspection. If customs officials cannot inspect your goods, your luggage may be delayed.

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