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10 Christmas Videos That Will Blow Your Gift-Wrapping Mind

For many wrapping is the closest thing to physical torture that can be experienced during the festive season, but for others it is an obsession, an art and a test of paper-laden skill. The buying of presents for others is merely a platform to showcase an array of neat corner tucking techniques, exquisite bow placing flare and ironic brown paper teasing.  We salute you, wrapping kings and queens of Christmas, and to celebrate you we have compiled a list of 10 others to inspire.

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1. This man is the nip-tuck of gift-wrapping.

His calm exterior is a shield to the present-wrapping cogs that turn like the great engine pistons of the Titanic. It’s almost beautiful, if it wasn’t so practical.

2. Don’t forget the bow when you ‘wrap your cat.’

giphy (8)

Normally the priority for Cat owners is finding something delicious for them to claw open, but what about wrapping your cat? A crucial skill for any mad cat person and guaranteed generators of ‘aw!’

3. Use fabric.

Why not try Furoshiki’s smart method of using fabric instead of paper? It’s even good for the environment. Nobody will throw away beautiful pieces of fabric that could easily be used for table cloth.

4. Use old shirts.

It’s like receiving two presents in one. Great for those old (supposedly chequered) shirts you now kind of hate and very different.

5. For the big challenges.

Circles, triangles, rectangles, oblong shaped things and pointy bits – the wrapping landscape can be treacherous, but these guys have you covered. This is especially useful if you intend to gift your niece a Star Wars Lego Death Star, or ancient pyramid.

6. How to wrap very quickly.

giphy (9)

Attach a cat to it, because you value your fingers.

7. For the fanciest of people.

Wrapping a bottle always seems fairly easy to begin with, but when you are finished, it’s not always a good feeling when handing over a wine shaped clump of paper to your sister’s new husband. This tutorial takes you through the different methods of wrapping a wine bottle as the most skilled in Japan do. A truly beautiful way of giving such a simple gift.

8. For the even fancier of people.

The Japanese have this nailed. Like beautifully decorated imperial fans for the finest ladies, don’t just give your mum a box wrapped in pink, gift her a pink box wrapped in wow!

9. How do you wrap flowers?

Using nothing more that some Kraft paper, this is how to do it on the cheap.

10. And if you have a little more time, why not go all the way?

With elegant bows, some nifty tissue paper and a keen eye – this gift-wrap tutorial is incredible.

Make sure you wrap it right this Christmas and head over to our packaging and labeling page for details on how to wrap your package for delivery. Nobody wants any beautiful wrapping tarnished.

Because presents make us all…

giphy (10)
Don’t miss out: These are your final delivery dates for Christmas 

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