Don’t Eject Those Cassettes Yet, They Could be Worth a Fortune

Did you know those old cassette’s you’ve not played in ages could be worth £100’s? Before you finally eject them, make sure you are not throwing away something valuable.

The world of portable technology has moved far beyond Cassettes, with the rise of MP3 and global streaming sites like Spotify, but tapes have remained in-demand and have now become collectible items, now with their own day to celebrate it.

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Pioneered here in the UK and now prevalent in North America due to the hard work of the guys at Burger Records, Cassette Store Day is enjoying its third year and still hopes to revitalise a dying corner of the music industry. Over 100 exclusive titles will be released for CSD 2015, including ones by Foals, The Gaslight Anthem, Motorhead and Green Day.

Co-founder Jen Long of Kissability, said: “Cassette tapes aren’t just a format, they’re a culture, and cassette culture is as much about collaboration as doing it yourself.

“This year we’ve gone even further to try and include as many tape fans around the world. We want as many people as possible to be able to get involved and put out a tape, put on a gig or event, or get hold of that release they really want.”

Burger Records add: “The snowball that is Cassette Store Day rolls into 2015 bigger, better and badder than ever before!!! When we’re done spreading the good word of our fave format no one will ever ask “why cassettes?” again!!! BURGER BELIEVE THAT!!!”

Invented in 1967 by Lou Ottens and then introduced at the Funkausstellung radio exhibition in Berlin, compact cassettes would dominate the pre-recorded music market from 1983, outselling records until 1991. The CD then replaced its predecessor.

But a quick search on eBay shows the cassette is very much alive and sounding more collectible than ever, with a top selling one like this Rage Against the Machine Tape being sold for over £2,000. Or what about this Eminem Slim Shady EP Cassette Tape, being sold for £499? ACDC fan? This signed tape of an early release is worth £468 – the list goes on.

Like the vinyl and video tape, people saw the rise of CD as a moment to get-rid of any tapes they had collected, but many still have hordes locked away in the attic somewhere. Vinyl’s recent rise to absolute popularity has been heralded as the saving of the music industry as the physical purchase of records has propped up a few record labels. Could tape do the same?

Now it would seem that the time to assess your dusty collection of tapes has come, especially if they are in mint condition. We have seen original 1970’s Hot Wheels and Barbies in their original packaging as well as Star Wars figures go for thousands of pounds merely because they survived everyday use. Tapes are no different.

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