Don’t Give Your Old Subbuteo the Red Card

Marketplace traders send a wide variety of collectables with ParcelHero and, as former Editor of magazines such as Model Price Guide, Coins Market Values and Area 51: Sci Fi Collecting, I’m often asked by our customers about new trends in collecting.

I’m going to stick my neck out, or, as we’re talking football, stick my hand out – Maradonna-style, and say old Subbuteo sets are likely to become a major goal for collectors. It might be the end of the football season, but vintage Subbuteo figures are currently gaining in value.

During the 1960s and 70s, Subbuteo’s heyday, kids eagerly bought new teams and accessories such as floodlights and stands, to create a whole stadium to play matches in. Now collectors are looking back with nostalgia to those days, and are beginning to pay Premiership prices to recreate the excitement.

Of course Subbuteo is still available and great fun for today’s kids; but for many people the original 1960’s and 1970’s figures, wearing those fondly remembered strips, are becoming increasingly collectable.

Some Subbuteo sets in their original packaging are now reaching £350 on eBay, with rare individual teams scoring around £180 while a super-rare mint condition French Laval 249 Delacoste set was recently on eBay for £875.

For less exotic items prices have large remained in the lower division, but I believe these too are poised to rise in value. Subbuteo first kicked off in the 1940s and the colourful early card or celluloid flat figures are still available for around £20 or so. I advise collectors to snap them up while such a favourable transfer window is still open! Amazingly, many 1960’s and 70’s plastic teams – termed ‘heavyweight’ sets – can also still be bought from as little as £20 mint and boxed; but there are strong signs those prices are on the rise. To celebrate Bournemouth’s promotion I’ve just bought a 1970’s boxed set for £40 and I’ll be holding on to it. The early 60’s Tottenham set is now fetching over £60 and if you want to buy Partick Thistle or one of the rarer 1970’s Man. City versions you are already looking at £120.

If you have an old set in your loft or gathering dust in your parents’ attic, it’s time to consider selling them online. Subbuteo figures are nostalgic and attractive and bring a whole new meaning to the beautiful game. The fact they are compact also means they are easily mailed; a useful thing to consider for ParcelHero’s many customers selling on eBay and other marketplaces. They can also be delicate, so you are well advised to pack such items carefully and use a reputable courier.

Your own team can’t always be winners; but after a long time languishing Subbuteo prices are on the rise. It’s definitely a game of two halves!

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Image courtesy John Cooper, Flickr

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