Record Store Day 2015: 10 Releases to Spin Heads

Record Store Day 2015, 18 April, is here and music fans across the world are saving their pennies, clearing shelves and record racks in anticipation of an inspiring array of critically acclaimed special Record Store Day vinyl releases. Appropriately retro, you have to actually visit a record shop to buy.

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Whether you are a newly converted vinyl hipster, someone who never let vinyl go or an eBay trader buying and selling vintage records, find out how to pack vinyl to ensure it arrives in pristine condition. Check out the ParcelHero® team’s Top10 Record Store Day releases for limited edition pressings, exclusive rarities and special picture discs from the likes of David Bowie, Johnny Cash and many other artists old and new.

David Bowie: Changes Picture Disc
The iconic rock star extraordinaire has treated ground control to a limited edition picture disk vinyl of ‘Changes’, exclusive to Record Store Day. The release is a continuation of the 40th anniversary picture disc series and commemorates Bowie’s small run of promo LPs for GEM records in 1971. The vinyl includes Changes and Eight Line Poem.

Johnny Cash: Koncert v Praze (In Prague–Live)
Blues and folk legend Johnny Cash is playing his greatest hits in Soviet-occupied Prague in 1983. This limited edition press is released on 12” vinyl in a fitting Soviet red and captures one of many rare moments of a transcended country and western American idol in a time infamous in US history. Here’s Johnny playing on German TV in the same year:

Foo Fighters: Songs From The Laundry Room
Record Store Day ambassador himself Dave Grohl is releasing Songs From the Laundry Room, a 10” vinyl which includes demos of Alone + Easy Target and Big Me and a cover of Kim Wilde’s poptastic Kids in America. Recorded in Seattle, Washington between 1991-1993 in Barret Jones’ Laundry Room Studios, the songs date back to early versions of the bands self-titled debut album.

The Kinks: Kinksize Hits
After rumours spread of The Kinks formidable reforming this year in celebration of their 50th anniversary, Kinksize Hits, a long out of print 2nd EP originally released in 1965 is resurfacing. The release includes the classic hits You Really Got Me and All Day and All of The Night. Check out this rare TV recording of the band in action in 1965:

Paul McCartney: The Family Way: Original Soundtrack Recording
The original soundtrack recording of The Family Way composed by Paul McCartney in 1967 is predicted to cause a real stir in the collector’s circuit. The incredibly rare piece has proven to be an elusive piece of Beatles memorabilia and will be released on 12” vinyl. Listen to the soundtrack below:

Bob Dylan: The Basement Tapes
Bob Dylan’s The Basement Tapes recorded in 1967 at Woodstock is a composition of bootleg recordings before their official release in 1975. As an extra treat the pressing has also been released in 180g mono and has been individually autographed and numbered by Garth Hudson who features on the recordings as part of Dylan’s illustrious backing musicians The Band.

Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band: Rough Raw and Amazing
Chosen from the personal tapes archive of the late but highly commemorated Radio 1 DJ John Peel, Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band’s Rough, Raw and Ready is a live recording of Don Van Vliet’s incredible live performance at Leicester De Montfort Hall in 1972. Here they are in action:

Ride: OX4
The 90’s shoegazer band renowned for taking the industry with a storm alongside brothers-in-arms Oasis, Ride are releasing for the first time their album Ox4 2x 12” coloured vinyl. The band have reformed for multiple festivals this year and are predicted to put a smile on those nostalgic for the glory days of Brit rock.

U2: Songs of Innocence (Record Store Day Deluxe Exclusive)
True to form and never to miss an opportunity U2 are set to release exclusively to Record Store Day their Songs of Innocence vinyl, previously announced during the launch of Apple’s Iphone 6 and iWatch.

Brian Eno: My Squelchy Life
My Squelchy Life by Brian Eno was heavily criticised and eventually pulled from the schedules by Warner Bros ahead of release in 1991. The legendary album has remained in cult mysticism for dedicated En0-disciples and has been subsequently heavily bootlegged. Now its time for the real deal.

Vampire Weekend: Step
The American Indie Pop group have entered Record Store Day with a new twist on Modern Vampires Of The City. The 12″ coloured vinyl comes with added goodies not found on the previous release, including a remix track featuring Danny Brown and Heems & Despot as well as an instrumental track.

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