Serena Di Scalzo: The Fashion Exhibition & Life Behind The Scenes

As part of our London Fashion Week Series we spoke to Serena Di Scalzo of LOUD Apparel to gain an insight to what goes on behind the scenes at fashion exhibitions like London Fashion Week 2015 and why reliable international couriers matter.

Hi Serena, how do you prepare for a fashion exhibition?

There is a lot to organise and gather things around; from collection samples, marketing material, setting appointments with our clients to traveling to the exhibition. It’s crazy, but we love it.

What’s a typical day like at a fashion exhibition like?

It’s quite long hours generally. We stay at our stand, presenting the collection, greeting our clientele and welcoming new customers – it can be quite exhausting. But you get a real buzz being around such a highly energised place, its unique.

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Have you ever had a disaster at a fashion exhibition? For instance, did you have any samples go missing or clients’ details lost etc?

Yes we have, every time! There is always something that doesn’t go quite as you planned it. This one time we shipped the collection to Paris a few days before the event, and when we arrived at the exhibition for the day of setting up, we found out the collection was shipped back too London for no reason! Luckily though we managed with our assistant Emilia on the 1st train back to London who brought the collection back to Paris. It was very close, but we made it.

That’s incredible. How many samples do you generally bring to an exhibition then? Was Emilia trapped on a train with loads of clothing around her?

Yes! Quite a lot, generally a full collection is made of at least 100 pieces or so, it’s a big effort.

How do transport your samples then (if not taking up a whole carriage on a train back to Paris) and how do keep them safe?

Well, after the event at Paris we generally drive with the collection itself. Recently however, with our exhibition in New York, we flew with the collection itself to make sure it arrived as we did.

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Do you use a courier?

Of course! We use couriers mainly for shipping our orders to clients.

How large of a role does logistics and parcel delivery play for your brand?

Quite a lot, actually. We are quite busy with courier’s everyday as we process orders for our clients. On-time delivery is important to us.

What are the biggest trends in kids fashion at the moment?

For LOUD Apparel the actual winter trend Aw15 is blacks, greys, dusty pink, minimal and edgy cuts.

What’s happening for Loud Apparel in the next year?

We are hoping to expand our markets and gain some great exposure for our brand, as everyone wants.

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