Thanksgiving is a Big Day for Your eBay Store

With Thanksgiving almost here, Americans, and US ex-pats are already sorting out their  turkey, getting in touch with friends and family to organise the Thanksgiving party, digging out recipes for pumpkin pie and planning to watch either the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade or big American Football games. Unfortunately ParcelHero doesn’t get to kick back on the sofa – we are far too busy sending all those eBay purchases!

However, if you have an eBay store then the prospect of Thanksgiving should also be prompting you to start thinking about making the most of the holiday. Why? Well because Thanksgiving Day is one of the biggest in the entire year for eBay sales and whether you’re looking to boost the income of a permanent eBay store or you have a few items sitting around the house that you’ve been waiting to list, Thanksgiving is the perfect time to do it.

Thanksgiving on 27 November is of course, the day before Black Friday – one of the biggest online shopping days of the entire year. And now Thanksgiving Day itself has its own online shopping brand – Brown Thursday. Not a great name – apparently it is so called as retail workers were somewhat less than delighted about having to work over Thanksgiving. For the eBay seller though, it expands the number of days ‘officially’ designated for the online shopping extravaganza.

We all know that, as well as being a time for families and parking yourself in front of the TV, Thanksgiving can sometimes get a little boring and the response many Americans have is to go online. Last year, eBay usage figures on Thanksgiving Day soared a huge 130%, while orders placed boomed a massive 127%.

The busiest times for eBay shopping were between 10 and 11pm EST, probably the point at which the turkey had been gobbled down, everyone was fairly comatose and looking for some easy entertainment without too much effort. The eBay app and the increase in mobile internet has of course made all this much easier, providing potential buyers the chance to shop from the comfort of an armchair with a stomach full of pumpkin pie. You only need to move a thumb!

So, if you’re an eBay storeholder then how do you make the most of this rush online after the turkey has been consumed? Well, the traditional retailer approach seems to work quite well – having a sale. As Thanksgiving weekend has become a drawn out series of sales in the ‘real world’ people expect to be offered discounts online too and holding a sale is a relatively easy way to attract attention.

You can easily set up a discount sale on eBay using the Markdown Manager tool (find this in Marketing Tools) and you can set the markdown prices yourself at between 5% and 50% up to a limit of 250 items for Basic Shops, 2,500 for Featured Shops and 5,000 for Anchor Shops. The sale price will appear as a Buy It Now option on the listing so that shoppers can jump in straight away to nab that bargain.

Once you’ve set up the sale then you can use various methods to promote it, from inclusion in eBay newsletters to sending out customised emails. If you have a permanent eBay store then it’s worth promoting your sale in the run up to Thanksgiving as the more people who know about it the more popular it’s likely to be – announce it on your social media, write a blog about it and post it far and wide and make sure that all your items are properly listed, well described and have great photos to cater for the rush of customers.

And don’t forget, raking in the orders at Thanksgiving is all very well but you have to deliver those purchases efficiently and cost-effectively and minimize returns. ParcelHero delivers to 220 countries with next-day services to the USA. The last thing you want after all your efforts is to fail at the final stage. Now, sit back with a turkey sandwich and watch the Thanksgiving bucks roll in.

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