Is Valentines Day Getting More Expensive (And More Sexy?)

Every year on Valentine’s Day the scramble to buy the same gift takes-place, but maybe our tastes are finally changing? We can confirm that more of us are sending alternative presents like hats and designer labels to our loved ones than ever before – move over chocolate and jewellery – our tastes are getting more extravagant.

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Last year we saw a 380% rise in the number of stylish women’s hats being sent through us. Combine this with the rise in fashionable accessories being sent through us and a clear trend has presented itself. Tastes have gotten more expensive – it’s designer bags, hats and more for the ladies of the UK. Gifts of rings, bracelets and necklaces were down by 27% last Valentine’s, but we still spent more money than ever.

The biggest city spender in the UK for Valentines? London. London’s lovers spend on average £86.02 sending items on Valentine’s Day. That’s more than anywhere else in the UK.

The news isn’t good for chocolate lovers though. We saw a 12% drop in the amount of dairy deliciousness being sent to people last year, despite the fact the US saw a record spend of £1.1bn ($1.6bn) on Valentine’s Day chocolate.

There was however a 200% rise in the amount of lingerie sent through us. This is in comparison to less romantic months, with a large proportion of Brits shipping underwear to the US, Canada and Australia. A number of ParcelHero customers also sent lingerie to France, too – but shouldn’t that be the other way round? Apparently not – maybe more of us have lovers abroad than ever before.

The old traditions are still holding strong though. In the UK 25 million Valentines cards are sent every year, with our American cousins sending around 145 million cards to one another. This is not surprising, considering nearly 50% of men now ask women out by text, and only 15% face to face. This isn’t great news for the 83% of women who would prefer a handwritten letter or card over a text message or email on the big day.

There was also a 500% increase in the number of artificial roses and other flowers sent through ParcelHero, compared to other months. Thankfully for the ladies, 75% of British men remember to buy their other half flowers on Valentine’s Day – let’s hope they aren’t all artificial.

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