We’re all Dreaming of a Green Christmas

Of course we are all dreaming of a white Christmas, just like the ones we used to know. However, ParcelHero is also dreaming of a green one. ParcelHero is urging shoppers to plan ahead, ditch the car, buy online and get those presents delivered by courier this Christmas.

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Cutting down on shopping journeys to crowded High Streets and out of town hyperstores reduces unnecessary car journeys significantly, thereby reducing emissions. Research by leading academics has proved that it is environmentally less damaging to have well-loaded courier vans on our streets, rather than lots of people driving cars to stores.  At Christmas time it’s not unusual to see many cars with just one last-minute shopper in, frenziedly trying to find a single item.

By buying gifts online you can save time and money, and reduce emissions. If you are buying though e-Bay etc, look out for those traders who use an environmentally aware delivery company. ParcelHero and our partners, leading international delivery companies such as DHL, UPS and TNT, are very aware of our carbon footprint. Since the only footprint we’re keen to see more of this winter are those crunching through the white snow, we’re encouraging everyone to cut down on unnecessary vehicle journeys and use courier services to pick up and deliver Christmas parcels instead.

We are not guaranteed a white Christmas, but we do guarantee a greener Christmas than ever. Our partners such as UPS and TNT are running more electric vehicles than in any previous Christmas, worldwide.  Vehicles such as TNT’s Smith Newton all electric vans have cut emissions in London by 1.3kg of CO2 a year, that means the fleet will – apparently –  save enough CO2 to fill Wembley Stadium. I’ve no idea how the boffins calculate these things, but that is hugely impressive! ParcelHero partners TNT are also using small electric vehicle delivery services in London, and actually pioneering a return to the rails for some mail deliveries.

DHL is even experimenting with natural gas powered trucks, which reduce emissions considerably; and don’t forget its pioneering cargo bike fleet, operating in the UK, Holland and Germany.

Of course it’s great to visit friends and relatives at Christmas, and deliver your gifts in person; it’s what Christmas is all about. When that’s not possible, however – for example when your loved ones are some distance away or even abroad – don’t forget to send your gift by an environmentally aware service. We are not claiming to be greener than Santa’s sleigh (we like to think Santa’s reindeer are ultra-low emission, despite their high-fibre carrot diet!) but there are few other ways of getting your parcels delivered that will be as green as sending them with ParcelHero this Christmas.

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