Where does the UK send its presents3

Where the UK sends its Christmas Presents

As the days get shorter and the nights get colder, you can almost hear the faint sound of carols ringing in your ears. Christmas is coming, and as we get ever closer to the big day, Santa is going to need a little help getting all those gifts into the right hands. That’s where we come in, and since we’ve done this a couple of times before, we thought you’d like to learn a little bit about where our courier elves will be delivering this Christmas.

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Where do the brits send their Christmas presents?

We had a look at our figures from the last few years to put together a little infographic about our shipping habits over the Christmas period. Not only did we find out where we Brits send the most gifts, but also a few insights on what we send and even how much we love the people we’re sending to – if monetary value is anything to go by at least.

It might not be any great surprise to see that we send most presents to our commonwealth chums down in Australia, but a couple of other destinations on the last are a little less predictable. Japan and Hong Kong both make the top ten, with Hong Kong taking the gold in present value – the average for each parcel sent across is about £156. That’s a whole lot of toys, the most popular gift to send.

The United States and Canada round out the top three destinations alongside Australia, with sweets the overwhelming favourite gift to our Canadian cousins and Aussie brethren alike. Apparently there’s just no substitute for British classic confectionary (even if you’ve got the wondrous sugar paradise of the US just across the border). In the USA on the other hand, there’s no worries about getting cold if you’re receiving a gift from the British Isles – most of the presents we send over have a jumper tucked inside.

Where do Brits send their Christmas presents?

New Zealand are another big destination for confectionary, specifically chocolate. Sadly our data doesn’t specify whether it’s Quality Streets, Bounties or Mars Bars making up those packages. What we’re sending to Japan is a little more unique – board games take the number one slot there. Everyone loves a good game of Monopoly at Christmas right?

Other top destinations for our delivery elves are a little closer to home – Ireland, France and Germany all make the top ten. In Ireland most people are opening toys, while in France books are the most popular pick. Germans, like the New Zealanders, seem to have a mighty craving for some good old British chocolate. Spain, another top spot, get socks mostly, which may mean that we’re only pretending to like them.

There’s a bunch of other nifty stats too, from what we Brits send to other Brits abroad to when the last dates for shipping around the world are. Have a look at the full infographic for that, or check our Christmas page for all the Christmas shipping information you need.

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