Airbus Helicopters’ Parcel Drone Trials Take Off

The likelihood of having your parcel delivered by drone one day has increased after Airbus Helicopters, a division of Airbus, and the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore agreed to conduct Unmanned Aircraft Systems trials in Singapore.

The agreement will see the two parties collaborating on the Skyways Experimentation Project, which it is hoped will develop the sustainability and efficiency of the parcel delivery business in large urban environments. The experience Airbus gains through the project will help it develop parcel drones internationally.

Airbus Drone Delivery

Airbus Helicopters has already begun work with the National University of Singapore, establishing a parcel stations network at the campus.
The network will enable users to send important and urgent items such as documents via a drone to other parts of the campus and will serve as a supply and distribution platform for suppliers across Singapore to deliver their goods to customers across the campus.

Executive Vice-President of Engineering at Airbus Helicopters Jean-Brice Dumont said the Skyways project would help ‘turn consumer services unimagined only a decade ago into a reality very soon’, as reported by Channel News Asia.

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