Amazon Becomes a Dedicated Producer of Fashion

Amazon has quietly introduced its own private label range of fashion items. KeyBanc Capital analyst Ed Yruma says that the internet retail giant has introduced at least seven private label fashion brands with 1,800 different items. Amazon’s own brands include: Franklin & Freeman, Franklin Tailored, James & Erin, Lark & Ro, North Eleven, Scout + Ro and Society New York.

The ranges cover items from womens’ dresses and casual clothing to mens’ suits and dress shoes. Available on the site, womens’ tops in the Lark & Ro range, for example, start at $31.41 (around £22) and dresses at $66.50 (around £47).

The brands sell goods ranging from men’s dress shoes, suiting and accessories to women’s casual and contemporary clothing, accessories, and children’s clothing. Most of the items are in the women’s dress and handbags line, called Society New York, which has 911 items in its range, and in Franklin Tailored, the men’s accessories line, 250 items.

Amazon Want To Become Fashionable

Contemporary women’s clothing line Lark & Ro sells dresses for $66.50 and tops for $31.41. Lark and Ro is described on the Amazon site as: “Practical yet polished, our wardrobe essentials are the perfect solution for those navigating busy mornings, a hectic work schedule, and a full roster of after-hours and weekend events. Our purpose is to simplify your life by serving up effortless style when you need it most.”

Yruma’s findings were first reported by WWD (Womans Wear Daily). Said Yruma: “Apparel is a large category that remains highly fragmented. We think the low barriers to entry, size and significant competitive set make this an attractive category for Amazon. While apparel is one of Amazon’s fastest-growing categories, more work must be done for the business to scale. We expect the challenges the company has faced in courting the fashion community to remain, but we think Amazon will continue to evolve its strategy. We believe greater brand cooperation with third-party seller restrictions and an owned brand approach (development of niche brands and private label) will be necessary to penetrate the apparel market in a more meaningful way.”

None of the clothing ranges currently appear for sale on the UK Amazon site, so fashion conscious British buyers will have to wait to see if Amazon extends the range overseas. But, as our report Amazon’s Prime Ambition reveals, Amazon is keen to develop its own brands worldwide (although its own brand nappy range was swiftly withdrawn) as well its own Amazon Logistics in -house infrastructure.

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