Amazon Trial Launch Day Delivery With Doom Videogame

For the first time it will be possible to have the newest videogames in your hands almost as soon as they are officially released, but that’s not all that Amazon will be bringing to your home in the middle of the night – they’re also more than happy to bring you snacks for your gaming session, drinks, pizza or even the console you need to play the game.

Amazon Prime Now Doom

UK gamers who are looking to get their hands on the new Doom videogame as soon as possible would do well to look to online retailing giant Amazon, who are debuting post-midnight delivery through their Prime Now service.

So how does this work? Amazon Prime Now is a same day delivery service that promises to have your shopping in your hands just two hours after you hit buy. Doom will appear on the Prime Now app just two hours before midnight the evening before its release. To take advantage of the midnight delivery window, customers will have to order between 10 and 11.45pm and make sure that they pick the midnight to 2am delivery window. The luckiest buyers will have the game in their hands as the clock strikes twelve, but even the unluckiest will have the chance to play Doom just two hours after the game is officially released.

Since this is the debut of the service, there are some restrictions on who will be eligible for midnight delivery. If you’re living in London, Surrey, Berkshire, Birmingham, Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds, Newcastle, Southampton or Portsmouth, you may be in luck – check Amazon’s tracker to see if your postcode is eligible.

The courier industry will no doubt be watching Amazon’s experiment with interest. Although many networks offer same day delivery, ParcelHero among them, Amazon’s offering is relatively unusual in offering such short transit times and unusually long delivery hours. If Prime Now’s experiment with such wildly out of hours delivery proves a success, it will certainly be noted and if it’s generally agreed that there is a market for it, well, who knows what the future holds?

If this proves to be successful, we may well see launch day midnight deliveries on for other popular gaming series, but it would be no surprise to see some imaginative uses for this sort of late night delivery. Last minute party supplies, anyone? That said, for other, more commonplace products it’s more likely that the only time they get a post-midnight excursion is in conjunction with these sorts of special launch events.

To sweeten the deal, Amazon are offering £10 off to new customers to Prime Now, so you can get your hands on Doom for cheaper than almost anywhere else. Is this the start of midnight launch day deliveries? Only time will tell. For now, you can get your hands on Doom and a whole host of snacks and drinks to keep you going deep into the night.

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